Nick Diaz Likely to Employ a Smart Game Plan Against Paul Daley

This Saturday night, Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz will take on Paul “Semtex” Daley in a bout that has fireworks written all over it, but leaves everyone wondering how it will actually play out. From the moment fans began talking about the bout, many have speculated as to how Diaz will approach such a vicious striker as Daley. The Brit has won both of his last two fights by knockout, and since breaking into the mainstream of MMA, he is widely considered to be the best striker in the welterweight division.

Diaz has never fought such a high-level striker in his career. When it comes time to fight, it’s very possible that Daley will be hitting Diaz harder than he has ever been hit. With the power Daley possesses, it remains to be seen if Diaz will resort to a different approach to this fight instead of coming in as the face-first brawler that he is.

Over his past few fights, we’ve watched Daley’s takedown defense improve. As a fighter with such confidence in his hands, it’s really the only trait needed to ensure the fight stays standing. We have seen Daley struggle against top-notch wrestlers before, but Diaz wouldn’t be put in such a category. Although his jiu-jitsu is something to truly pose a threat to Daley, he could have trouble getting him to the mat.

Overall, Diaz is likely to finish this fight on the ground. If he is able to successfully take Daley down, it would be the one place he has a very clear advantage. Despite Diaz’s iron chin being a factor in the fight, there are few, if any, that can withstand the force that Daley’s punches have behind them. Diaz and Daley will headline Saturdays Strikeforce event taking place in San Diego and being televised on Showtime.

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