The field has been cut down to eight fighters left still in the running for the six figure contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This week’s episode saw half of the quarterfinal action as Clay Harvison took on Ramsey Nijem and Chris Cope faced Shamar Bailey.

The episode saw the former WEC light heavyweight champion Brian Stann (via the wonders of video editing) stop by the gym to talk to the fighters.

Well I was shock to see it because he actually didn’t come and talk to us until the day before we left the show. But it was pretty cool, he is an awesome guy and I learned a lot from him. He told of a lot of things about life, fighting and the Marines.”

The first fight of the quarterfinals was Clay Harvison from team Lesnar, taking on “stripper” Ramsey Nijem or Team Dos Santos. If you blinked you missed the fight but you have to be impressed that Clay was in there fighting at all after dislocating his pinky.

Clay made a big mistake by coming forward against a wrestler. Ramsey just changed levels and got the takedown, worked a little bit there and got the rear naked choke in under a minute. Clay had just got his finger stitched and everything but still came out to fight. The style of Ramsey just didn’t match up well for Clay.”

With one fight down it was time to turn you attention to Shamar Bailey and the man who wakes him up every morning, Chris Cope. Bailey had made it clear he was not too fond of Cope yelling out “WHOO” all the time, especially when Bailey was trying to get his beauty sleep.

“Everyone got tired of it at some point with Chris but really it was Shamar, Ramsey and Ryan because they slept right at the bottom of the stairway. So every morning Chris would walk down the stair and yell WHOO.”

The two got to settle their differences inside the Octagon in the second quarterfinal bout. Junior Dos Santos figured they had the fight in the bag, as Shamar was his #1 pick and according to him, better than Chris cope. The team Lesnar fighter hasn’t been given much credit this season but more been the guy that gets ragged on in the house. He stepped up though against Shamar.

Chris did a really good job to keep the fight standing and landed more punches. Shamar only land a few punches and just tried to take him down, Chris did more. I think it was the right decision even though Shamar and Junior were pissed. Me, Chuck, Mick and a few guys talked and all thought Chris Cope did well and thought it was the right decision. Shamar was bothered by his back, so maybe that was the reason he didn’t look as good, but who knows.”

Next week the final two quarterfinal bouts will take place; along with the match ups for the semifinals will be announced.

The season is winding down as there is only a few more episodes before the TUF 13 Finale. Make sure to check out previous weeks blogs from Javier here and follow him on twitter at

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