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Strikeforce Werdum vs. Overeem Prelim Results

| June 18, 2011 | Reply

Before the big fights go down in Dallas tonight, an exciting undercard took place on HD Net.  The amazing broadcast duo of Bas Rutten and Michael Schiavello called the action.  Here’s how the undercard fights ended up.

Brian Melancon vs.  Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Brian Melancon came out and threw bombs and eventually utilized a nice throw to take the fight down to the mat.  Isaac Vallie-Flagg tried to turtle, but he had his back taken and Melancon locked in a tight Rear Naked Choke.  Isaac fought it off and they made their way back to their feet .  After some brief exchanges including two awkward jumping knee attempts by Flagg, the bell ended the round.  MMA Valor scored it 10-9 for Melancon.

Lots of clinching against the cage to open the second frame and Isaac gets the takedown but Brian Melancon immediately gets to his feet.  More clinch work dominates the first half of the round with neither fighter gaining a clear advantage.  When they are separated they both throw shots but Melancon gets the better of the action as the bell rings.  A closer round, MMA Valor scores it 10-9 for Vallie-Flagg

The fighters exchange low kicks to open the third before finding a familiar place along the fence in the clinch.  Lots of dirty boxing followed by a trip by Melancon.  Brian Melancon finds the mount but is put back into the half guard and then Vallie-Flagg makes his way back up.  Vallie-Flagg knees but gets a leg caught and is taken back down.  Melancon controls the back as the buzzer sounds to end the round, and in turn, the fight.  MMA Valor scores the round 10-9 for Melancon and the fight 29-28 for Brian Melancon.  The officials score it a split decision victory for Isaac Vallie-Flagg.

Nah-Shon Burrell vs.  Joe Ray

After a brief exchange standing, Burrell takes Ray down and lands in his guard. Burrell postures and looks for strikes.  Ray shows submission prowess by going for double armbar and other submissions.  The again stand and during a takedown and sramble, Ray catches Burrell in a kimura and extends the arm backwards and rolls into a straight armbar attempt.  Burrell works out as the bell sounds to end the round. MMA Valor scores the round for Joe Ray, 10-9 due to his attempted submissions.

More back and forth trading as the two fighters square up and throw hands.  Burrell gets the better of it.  The fight goes down and Ray looks for a kimura but Burrell has none of it and escapes. Ray threatens again with a kimura, but Burrell quickly stands up.  They tie up against the fence, but Ray grabs a leg and scores the takedown.  After some uneventful time on the mat, the referee stands them up.  Burrell goes for some wild kicks and lands a jab.  Joe Ray gets a kicked caught and is taken down.  Burrell lands some shots from the top as Joe Ray defends and looks for submission openings.  The round ends and MMA Valor scores it 10-9 for Burrell.

The third rounds is more of the same with Burrell landing some occasional shots while Ray presses for takedowns and comes up dry.  Burrell lands a telling combo and Ray seems disgusted and is waning.  The remainder of the round found the fighters standing and missing and spending some time on the mat with Burrell landing ground and pound.  The referee stands them up and Burrell lands a one-two as the Round ends and Burrell celebrates.  MMA Valor scores the round 10-9 for Burrell and the fight 29-28 in favor of Nah-Shon Burrell.   The judges score the fight the same 29-28 across the board for Burrell who moves to 6-1 as a professional.

Conor Heun vs.  Magno Almeida

Conor Heun is sporting a new beard as he and Almeida take the center of the cage.  Heun throws a few jabs and then takes Almeida down and immediately is met with a leglock attempt by Almeida.   Heun frees himself from the painful lock and Almeida ends up in top position but Heun utilizes a rubber guard and keeps Almeida isolated.  The referee stands the fighters back up with under a minute to go.  The fighters stand and exchange kicks and jabs as time expires.  MMA Valor scores the round 10-9 for Conor Heun.

Almeida and Heun stand to start round 2 and both fighters look a little out of sorts standing.  Heun lands a leg kick and they clinch against the fence.  Heun lands some knees to the leg of Almeida as he continues to press him against the fence.  The first person to hit the mat is the referee as Almeida bowls him over after being tossed by Heun.  The two fighters work along the fence and Heun eats a couple shots but ends up getting the takedown and is caught in an armbar.   Heun tries to step over but the arm is deep.  The arm is being torqued but somehow Heun guts it out and escapes.  The fighters scramble and the bell sounds to end the second round.  MMA Valor scored the second round 10-9 for Almeida.

The third round opens and Heun lands as the fighters go back and forth.  Heun lands a series of shots, ending with a thudding uppercut.  Heun shoots and takes Almeida down to the mat.  Almeida again sinks an armbar and Heun is in trouble.  Heun manages to escape and works free.  Almeida is able to get on top and locks in a very tight Anaconda choke.   Heun is forced to undergo the choke for a few moments but eventually works free and goes on the offensive drilling Almeida with shots from the top position.  The rest of the round consists of Heun unloading and right hands and hammerfists as the crowd goes crazy.  The bell rings and the fight is over.  This was certainly a fight of the night candidate and MMA Valor scored the final round 10-9 for Heun and the fight 29-28 for Conor Heun.  The judges agree, and Conor wins a unanimous decision.  After the fight it is very clear that Heun’s elbow is damaged and he’ll need medical attention.

Gesias Cavalcante vs.  Justin Wilcox

Justin Wilcox and Gesias Cavalcante enter the cage and the round is entirely composed of the two fighters boxing.  Justin lands a couple rights and one push/high kick while Cavalcante looks stiff and unable to get off.  As the round continues both fighters loosen up and the two fighters land low kicks and Wilcox lands a right hand that that seems to upset JZ.  The round ends with the two exchanging jabs.  MMA Valor scored the round 10-9 for Justin Wilcox.

The second round sees more standup and then Wilcox is poked in the eye and on the mat writhing in pain.  The doctor comes in and after a few times looking at the eye determines the fight is to be stopped because Justin Wilcox cannot see.  It was an accidental eye poke and the fight is a No Contest.

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