One Promotions Trash, is Another Promotions Treasure

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Some say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What one could disregard and think of it as nothing, someone may have the need or desire for the item and feel a necessity for it. Today with numerous promotions vying for attention and respect outside of the goliath entity of Zuffa, brands like: Bellator, Dream, MFC or the resurrected ProElite are benefiting from the failures and losses of fighters careers’. It is almost as if there is a parallel fight between the fighters going for championships and their respectful brands fighting for dominance.

The irony of the MMA landscape currently is, according to and their top 10 ranking of major weight classes (heavy – bantamweight) all but two fighters (Masakatsu Ueda, BW & Tatsua Kawajiri, LW) are under Zuffa contract. Some fighters have said that the company is a nightmare or over-demanding to work for but sometimes being with the best has a price. Regardless of local support or fanfare some may have for smaller promotional “big names” it is difficult to argue that once you have made it to UFC, it is where the best in the world compete.

Every fighter on the Zuffa roster knows that a pink slip can come at anytime. Too many losses, failure to comply, personal legal issues or medical problems can lead to that phone call or email, informing them their services will no longer be required by Dana White and company. The most recent big name to become a free agent was Nate Marquardt who was cut less than 48 hrs before his welterweight debut in June. Regardless of the reasons and truths behind the termination, the fact was known – Zuffa is not scared to cut marquee names from their promotion.

When these men are released, they still have to train and fight to make a living if they so desire, thus resulting in signing with smaller promotions, looking again to one day be in the octagon for the UFC. UFC 133 showcases a scenario with a former WEC featherweight champion in Mike Brown, who is 0-2  and looking for a hail mary win against the younger and talented Nam Phan. A loss to the TUF veteran will place the ATT fighter likely outside the company and into free agency.

Companies looking to fill their cards however may very well be hoping for these fighters to be on their payroll. While nobody wants to lose or fail, there will be another matchmaker or agent to help pick them back up. ProElite was defunct three years ago and in their respect put on good fights and secured a network deal before Strikeforce and UFC.

ProElite returns in August of this year and features key MMA participants recognized by fans across the world: former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski and TUF season 3 winner Kendall Grove. As these men may help sell tickets and television draw, the check will not be as big as what they were receiving in the big leagues but sometimes we all get better when we get sat down for a while.

Alongside small promotions which feature former big names, smaller promotions have their own people making names for themselves. MFC light heavyweight champion Ryan Jimmo, Bellator’s Ben Askren and Eddie Alvarez; all fighters who are talented, proven and capable to compete for Zuffa.

Time will tell where everyone gets placed in their career’s and as the sport grows, the stars of today will pass along and watch the new breed fill their positions, smaller promotions and local shows will give us the chance to see MMA at its best; two men giving it their all in a quest for glory.

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