It’s Wednesday again which can only mean another episode of The Ultimate Fighter 14: Team Bisping vs. Team Miller.

The mole (Dodson) reared his ugly head to open the episode as Louis Gaudinot informs Bisping that the next fight will be Dennis Bermudez (Team Miller) vs. Stephen Bass (Team Bisping). With the news coach Bisping starts getting Stephen Bass ready to fight with a hard training session that includes a black eye from Bisping.

Fight Announcement #1:

Dennis Bermudez (Team Miller) vs. Stephen Bass (Team Bisping)

Fight Time:

Round One – Bermudez clinches and gets the fight to the ground a minute into the fight. Bermudez is dropping elbows, punches and hammerfists that force Bass to give up his back. The referee looked like he was going to stop the fight but somehow Bass escapes the round.

Round Two – Bermudez drops Bass with a knee and continues the ground and pound before Bass escapes. Unfortunately he gets dropped back down again and Bermudez moves to his back. Bass cannot escape and Bermudez keeps throwing until the referee finally stops the fight.

Dennis Bermudez advances with a 2nd round TKO (Team Miller up 3-0)

Fight Announcement #2:

Dustin Pague (Team Miller) vs. Louis Gaudinot (Team Bisping)

Before the Team Bisping training session Stephen Bass pulls Bisping aside and apparently tells him that Bisping whooped his ass right before the fight and that he felt it affected him during the fight. Well Bisping doesn’t like that at all and throws Bass under the bus in front of his teammates. And people wonder why Bisping is liked so much!

Fight Time:

Round One – Louis comes out showing good combo’s while Dustin is using his knees a lot. A minute in Dustin gets a takedown but doesn’t do anything and Louis gets back up. Both fighters are landing strikes and are really beginning to open things up. The knees of Dustin though are consistently finding there mark. Louis goes for a late takedown but gets stuffed and Dustin ends the round with his opponent against the cage.

Round Two – Thirty seconds in Dustin lands a partially blocked right hand that drops Louis to his knees. Dustin takes him completely down but Louis gets back up and actually tries for a takedown of his own. Dustin stuffs it and backs Louis against the cage where he lands multiple shots to the head, including a knee that send Louis down. Blood is flowing from the face of Louis as Dustin takes his back and sinks in the rear naked choke.

Dustin Pague advances with a 2nd round Submission (Team Miller up 4-0)

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