This week start the semifinals round with a shot in the finale on the line. Tonight’s episode is another example of reality TV exposing an individual for what they truly are, a bully.

The house has become divided into three groups of fighters, the trouble makers, bible study and the casino (according the Akira). After so many days locked up with each other people are starting to get annoyed with each other, or to put it a better way, the trouble makers are doing what they do best.

Head trouble maker Akira Corassani has moved on from Dustin Neace to Bryan Caraway now and doesn’t like that he takes 20 minutes every morning to do his hair. So he decides to fix that by getting a shaver and taking it to Caraway as he sleeps. Caraway wakes up and chases the now running with his tail between his legs Akira all the way outside where the rest of the trouble makers sit and laugh.

Figuring a prank was coming, Miller rode a bike to work today. It was a nice try but no luck as it was still prank time. As some of the Team Miller fighters opened their dressing room door Tiki and Bisping sprayed them with fire extinguishers. This causes a crazy scurry out of the gym and right into a mariachi band. Bisping thinks it’s the greatest thing since crumpets while the fighters still left in the competition on Team Miller are not pleased.

Team Bisping worked Akira pretty tough in training on wrestling defense and standup. In typical Akira fashion he tells the camera if Dennis holds him down for 15 minutes he’s a little bitch.

Team Miller work with Dennis on the pressure style of Akira and taking him out of his game by taking the fight to the ground.

Fight Time: Akira Corassani (Team Bisping) vs. Dennis Bermudez (Team Miller)

Round one: Akira comes out aggressive and lands an early bomb that has Dennis fishing for a takedown, shooting from so far out, Akira is easily sprawling. Both are throwing heavy leather but Akira is landing the better. After another big punch that spins him around, Dennis clinches with Akira and slams him down. Akira tries to get up and at that moment Dennis locks in a guillotine. It takes awhile but Akira does finally tap.

When Akira awakes is has no clue where he’s at or what happened until Bisping grabs him and breaks the news.

Dennis Bermudez advances to the finals with a 1st round submission

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