Now a Free Agent, Vinny Magalhaes Fielding Offers

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Former TUF season 8 runner-up and current M-1 Global Light Heavyweight champion Vinny Magalhaes was dismissed from the UFC before he could prove that he had great potential. The multiple World Jiu Jitsu Champion and ADCC gold medalist has gone 7-1 since his departure from the UFC and acquired the M-1 Global light heavyweight title in his 4 fight run with the Russian organization. Unfortunately the honeymoon with M-1 Global has ended and Magalhaes has been attempting to wait out his employers, so he can get out of his contract, and continue his career under a new banner.

Magalhaes and his representative Steve Pacitti stopped by to talk to the guys at, to shed a little light on Vinny’s current situation, his falling out with M-1 Global, and how he is fielding offers from other MMA organizations, due to his recently awarded free agency. Magalhaes and Pacitti did not tip-toe around the point that the UFC were one of the organizations that were interested in signing Vinny. Pacitti was quoted as saying. “Yes, we’re negotiating with the UFC right now,” Pacitti said. “There are others, but the UFC is certainly in line. The UFC is definitely attractive.”

As we all know, rumors spread like wildfire in the MMA community, and apart from Magalhaes and Pacitti’s statements, we have nothing more to go on at this time. There are a number of top flight promotions that would love to get a crack at signing Magalhaes, but Zuffa has the muscle. Vinny was quoted as saying. “Being in the UFC would be a preference,” Magalhaes said. “But who knows. It’s whoever gives the best offer, and it’s not just about the money. It’s about the best deal offer overall. (With the UFC), it’s not just the money; it’s the recognition. … You can carry that for your life and open your gym and advertise yourself as a former UFC fighter. Just overall, it’s good for your career. The name just weighs that much more. Tell me one fighter who doesn’t want to be in the UFC. If he doesn’t want to be in the UFC, then he probably just doesn’t want to fight.”

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