The Ultimate Fighter 16Things get started on The Ultimate Fighter 16 with last week’s winner Jon Manley celebrating the season’s first finish. At the opposite end of things was James Chaney who not only lost the fight but got desperate and bit Manley. In a very mature act, Chaney pulled UFC President Dana White aside and confessed to the act, apologizes and White accepts.

Back at the house the always popular Julian Lane does what he apparently is good at and goes into crazy mode trying to fight with Colton Smith before cooling off with a nice cry.

Both Dom Waters (Team Nelson) and Mike Ricci (Team Carwin) make-weight for their fight which everyone seems to think will be a good fight.

Fight time:

Round one: Mike Ricci comes out with a verity of strikes and kicks that has Dom Waters off-balance and confused. Waters not doing much offensive early on and what he is throwing is not landing. Finally under 90 second left and Waters gets on the offensive and puts Ricci against the cage but is unable to get the fight to the ground from there as the round ends.

Round two: Waters gets a takedown in the first minute of the round and gets to the back as Ricci stands up. Waters picks him up and picks Ricci down again but doesn’t do much and Ricci gets back up against the cage. At the minute mark Ricci reverses and gets a brief trip takedown but the round ends with Waters in control. Waters controlled the majority of the round but really didn’t do much damage.

Round three: Ricci comes out with kicks, which eventually allows Waters to get the fight to the canvas. From there though Ricci reverses and ends up on top dropping the occasional strike on a tired Waters. Ricci gets his back for a moment but Waters gets back to his back where he remains until the bell rings.

Mike Ricci wins by Decision to even things at 4-4 between Team Carwin and Team Nelson heading into the quarterfinals.

Dana White and the Coaches get together to discuss the quarters and brings the eight fighters in one by one to ask who they want to fight. Mike Ricci says he’s like to fight his fellow Canadian Mike Hill even though they said they wouldn’t fight each other. When it’s Hill’s turn with the coaches and Dana White Roy Nelson completely throw’s Ricci under the bus and tells Hill that Ricci called him out.

Fight Announcements:

1: Bristol Marunde (Team Carwin) vs. Neil Magny (Team Carwin)

2: Igor Araujo (Team Carwin) vs. Colton Smith (Team Nelson)

3: Joey Rivera (Team Nelson) vs. Jon Manley (Team Nelson)

4: Mike Ricci (Team Carwin) vs. Mike Hill (Team Nelson)

In The Ultimate Fighter 16 there are two things you can expect, Julian Lane is going to have a blow up and Roy Nelson is going to do something to further cement his status as the worst TUF coach to date.

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