RFA 6Looking to build off the momentum from last year, Resurrection Fighting Alliance opened 2013 with Friday’s RFA 6 from the Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City, Missouri. The quickly rising lightweight James Krause headlined the card in a rematch against Toby Imada. The six bout RFA 6 main card aired live on AXS TV and also featured WEC and UFC veteran Brock Larson in the night’s co-main event.

James Krause and Toby Imada fought back in 2010 at Bellator 14 with Imada securing a second round armbar submission. Since that time Krause has been on a tear, winning seven of eight heading into his fifth Resurrection Fighting Alliance bout. Krause would appear to be knocking on the doorstep of a call up to either the UFC or Bellator but he must first get one back against Imada.

For Brock Larson, it’s been over three years since he last appeared in the UFC and since has been an up and down fighter. He entered the RFA 6 co-main event against Eduardo Pamplona on a two fight winning streak.

RFA 6 would also feature a five bout un-aired preliminary fight card. Click here for the results of the un-aired bout, below you’ll find the main card results as well as the play by play.

155 lbs.: Nick Compton vs. Bobby Cooper:

Round 1: Probing kicks from Compton and a bull rush are blown off. Compton throwing sloppy kicks and Cooper catches one and punches his foe. Trading mid-kicks now and Cooper is clearly the better in the exchanges. Straight punches from Compton land, but little steam on anything. Both fighters are missing a lot of their strikes. Cooper hits a jumping knee and throws another but little damage done. Cooper is looking to counter but Compton isn’t throwing anything and instead covering up and moving into range.  Cooper throws some counter hooks and knocked Compton to the mat for a split second but they’re back up and swinging in no time. They clinch against the fence with Compton in control as he tries to take the back, but is reversed against the fence. Strong under hook and some punches to the body from Cooper before they separate and throw combinations but nothing significant lands before the bell. 10-9 Cooper

Round 2: Compton comes out swinging and pins Cooper to the cage while hunting for a takedown.  Cooper looks to lock up a kimura and pulls Compton underneath him with the move. Not much action as Cooper is holding position inside Compton’s guard and Compton looking to set up some submissions with little success. After several minutes, Cooper postures up and attacks, and Compton takes the opportunity to scoot up, but he takes a pair of crushing knees to the body on the way up. Drity boxing and knees follow before Cooper backs Compton off with punches. Compton landing leg kicks and punches and appears to be the fresher fighter at the end of two. 10-9 Cooper

Round 3: Wild hooks from Cooper find no home but back Compton off early. Compton moves in and clinches but can’t manage anything before backing off. Compton wades in with big punches but is countered by Cooper and backs off. Leg kicks from Cooper and flicking jabs keep him in control of the bout. Compton clinches and tries a body lock takedown but gets nothing. Cooper reverses on the cage and lands hard uppercuts to the body and unloads standing. Crippling leg kicks and a jumping knee land for Cooper and Compton’s legs are hurt. Compton is wobbly but still swinging and Cooper is attacking right back with a minute left. Try as me might, Cooper can’t finish and we got to the judges. 10-9 Cooper

Bobby Cooper wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

155 lbs.: Mark Dickman vs. Aaron Derrow:

Round 1: Huge scoop slam immediately from Dickman and Derrow springs up but is caught in a front headlock position. Derrow is protecting himself from knees by putting his hand on the mat while Dickman applies his strength and makes Derrow carry his weight from the position. Dickman fires a knee to the head and Derrow puts his hand down a moment before, making the knee illegal and the fight is restarted standing. Dickman shoots in again right away but can’t get the takedown and settles for an elbow to the head before breaking. Single leg throw from Dickman and Derrow rolls and tries to sweep, but goes for a leglock instead. Dickman finds himself in an odd position, with Derrow having some kind of hands free bow and arrow hold on his opponent, using his cup to lock Dickman’s foot behind his own ass while holding him still with a figure four on his leg. Dickman uses his strength to power through the bizarre situation and works from a quarter position with ground and pound, while looks to set up a rolling sweep. Sweep fails and Dickman winds up on his back, sinking one hook, but Derrow turns into him to gain bottom half guard. Dickman isn’t thrilled with Derrow’s ridiculous lanky limbs and allows him back up for now. Derrow is trying to strike from the outside but nothing landing. Slow double leg attempt from Dickman is rebuffed, but a single a moment later does the trick. Dickman can’t get anything better than guard though and gives up on the ground, wanting to stay out of Derrow’s danger zone. Same single leg once again puts Derrow down and after a short scramble, Dickman finds himself on Derrow’s back seconds before the round ends. 10-9 Dickman

Round 2: Dickman hits the same single again and back to the front headlock, but Derrow defends.  A follow up single and they’re down again, with Dickman working a cradle on the squirrelly opponent.  Derrow escapes anyways and is trying to roll Dickman but is locked down tight. Dickman trying to work ground and pound, but Derrow is all over the place on the mat and escapes momentarily before the same headlock snap down and transition puts Dickman back where they started. Derrow finally hits a roll but Dickman scrambles and takes side control, then takes Derrow’s back in another scramble.  Ground and pound from back control and Derrow is stuck and can’t escape the position. Referee calls it and Derrow is upset with the stoppage as he wasn’t hurt, yet wasn’t able to escape punishment.

Mark Dickman wins via 2nd Round TKO (punches)

155 lbs.: Deivison Ribiero vs. Dakota Cochrane:

Round 1: Overhand right and winging left from Cochrane followed by a body kick. Fighters trade hooks and Ribiero’s lands first, dropping Cochrane briefly and swarming him thereafter with fast hooking punches. A few are getting through, but an accidental groin shot from Cochrane halts the action for a moment. Fight starts again and Cochrane immediately front kicks Ribiero in the groin again, but the referee doesn’t take a point either time. Outside leg kick from Cochrane and Ribiero counters with a hard punch. Cochrane is being countered almost at will here, but finally closes distance for a takedown; Stalling out on the fence. Cochrane gets the takedown with some difficulty and is working from Ribiero’s guard, but is nearly swept, allowing Ribiero get to his feet. Cochrane goes for another single leg and is sprawled on, with the Brazilian swinging punches on his grounded foe. Another failed takedown and more attacks have Cochrane looking lost in there as Ribiero hops onto Cochrane’s back and flattens him out. Ribiero is hunting for an RNC and throwing cross face punches that have Cochrane bloodied.  Cochrane defends and manages to roll Ribiero to his back before the round ends. 10-9 Ribiero

Round 2: Cochrane trying to set up takedowns with huge overhand punches and manages to clip Ribiero with one early. Big knee for Ribiero and a liver kick by Cochrane land. Huge right hand from Cochrane and another land, but Ribiero eat it. Another overhand lands for Cochrane and he goes in for a left hand but Ribiero hits a short trip from clinch. Cochrane whizzers out and they’re standing again, but Ribiero landing clinch knees. Trip attempt by Ribiero fails and is reversed. Cochrane working elbows from inside the guard while Ribiero looks to set up some tricky armlocks and triangles. Ribiero goes for a kimura but Cochrane using his muscle to keep the arm safe. Ribiero makes a rookie mistake as he gives up the hold and leaves his arm draped over Cochrane’s shoulder, allowing Cochrane to set up an effortless arm-triangle. It’s tight right away as Cochrane moves to side control to finish, but Ribiero defends well by grabbing his own leg, though gives up his back to break the hold. Ribiero gets half guard back and Cochrane works ground and pound from top to end the round. 10-9 Cochrane

Round 3: Cochrane comes out hard and lands several stiff punches before hitting a huge fireman’s carry slam and landing in side control. Ribeiro regains guard briefly but Cochrane is fighting hard and looking fresher, getting side control and half guard over and over while chopping his opponents head with elbows. Ribiero transitions to a leg lock but can’t get it and Cochrane is back in top half and then mount.  Ribiero is fading fast and gives his back which gives Cochrane the arm triangle again. Ribiero defends by grabbing the leg and Cochrane nails him in the back with several knees. Cochrane applies a scarf hold and rifles elbows into Ribiero’s trapped head, doing major damage. Referee steps in after several crushing blows and calls it for your winner, Dakota Cochrane.

Dakota Cochrane wins via 3rd Round TKO (elbows)

125 lbs.: Dustin Ortiz vs. Aaron Ely:

Round 1: Fast exchange right away and a trip and single leg by Ely finds him on the mat right away in half guard. Ely framing up a D’arce and locks it on ultra-tight, but Ortiz is relaxed and defending. Ely dogs it for nearly a minute before giving it up as they return to the feet. Leg kick by Ortiz and stiff jab from Ely land. Power right from Ortiz slips through the guard and tags Ely. Fighters are trading and Ortiz is landing the better shots as Ely is clearly more interested in a takedown. Right hook from Ortiz and a pair of shots by Ely. Ely hits an ankle pick into immediate back control on Ortiz and fights to flatten him out. Ortiz isn’t making it easy as he rocks from side to side looking to escape, but Ely flattens him out again and starts swinging with both hands. Ortiz is in big trouble here but backs into the fence and causes Ely to lose a hook for a second, saving him from a stoppage by the hovering ref. RNC from Ely but it’s on the jaw and Ortiz survives the round. 10-9 Ely

Round 2: Jab to Ely to start and a right hand from Ortiz. Ely throws a slow mid kick and Ortiz catches it and punches him off his feet briefly. Ely hits a single and Ortiz is working a guillotine but can’t find it.  Ely working from Ortiz guard now but his opponent is scrappy from bottom. Half guard for Ely before Ortiz gets his butterfly guard in and uses it to stand up. Front kick from Ortiz lands but Ely hits a big takedown when Ortiz looks to follow it with punches. Half guard for Ely and he nearly snatches back control on Ortiz again in a scramble but the fighters are up. Standing back control from Ely but he can’t do anything with it and they break. Single from Ely but can’t finish it. Front kick from Ortiz lands to the face and counter right by Ely lands. Ortiz lands a one-two and appears to be wearing Ely down now.  Leaping hook from Ortiz lands and wobbles Ely. Another right from Ortiz and a body kick, but Ely uses it to get a takedown and grab back control again before the round ends. 10-9 Ely

Round 3: Violent exchanges to start and Ortiz lands the better blows, but Ely hits another single. Ortiz looking for a switch but ends up with his leg trapped with Ely hammerfisting his head. Ortiz breaks free and manages to turn the tables on Ely, powering him to his back and fighting inside the guard.  Ortiz landing short body punches, while Ely is working some kind of rubber guard but can’t get anything going.  Ortiz looks to pass and ends up losing the position entirely as Ely stands up. Double leg from Ely but Ortiz springs up right away and starts swinging hard. Single from Ely and Ortiz sprawls, but a follow up shot from Ely almost puts Ortiz on his back. A scramble ensues and Ortiz is up again. Both guys are looking winded and Ortiz hits a takedown into half guard with a minute left. Ortiz pushes into mount and locks on an arm triangle but loses it as Ely rolls out. Ely takes the back but slides right off as the grappling descends into a tired and sloppy affair. Ortiz 10-9

Dustin Ortiz wins via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

140 lbs.: Brian Davidson vs. Kevin Croom:

Round 1: A slugfest immediately breaks out as Croom rushes in and brawls Davidson. Davidson is evading with his karate-style footwork. Right hands from Davidson land but Croom returns fighter and blasts Davidson clean off his feet. Croom swarms on the mat and pounds Davidson, whom can’t do anything except cover up. The ref stops it justly and Croom gets the win.

Kevin Croom wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)

170 lbs.: Eduardo Pamplona vs. Brock Larson:

Round 1: Pamplona starts pursuing right away, prompting Larson to shoot a single leg into half guard.  Pamplona tries to stand up and is successful as Larson holds a front head locks and throws knees.  Another shot by Larson and Pamplona sprawls out and works a front headlock. Pamplona breaks and Larson stays kneeling on the mat, giving Pamplona time to swing at his exposed head at waist level.  Pamplona stalking again and lands a stiff inside leg kick. Larson is giving ground freely and has completed three full circuits of the cage backing away from his opponent. Fast reversal of direction and Larson comes forward with punches that sting Pamplona. Clinch and Larson is working a single which he gets briefly. Pamplona wall walks but Larson snatches a guillotine and rolls to mount. Pamplona looks like he’s in trouble for a second but rocks Larson off of him and winds up in side control. Huge punches from Pamplona before Larson gets guard and tries to throw up a triangle. Both men are insanely strong, as Larson is doing a sit up off of Pamplona’s shoulder while Pamplona is holding him up off the ground in said position with no trouble at all. More punches from Pamplona and Larson kicks him off for a moment and grabs a guillotine on his way back in. Pamplona pops his head out, but Larson hits a double with the momentum. Pamplona stands and Larson hits another double as the round ends. 10-9 Larson

Round 2: Stiff leg kick from Pamplona and a counter punch lands for Larson. Larson hits a single and Pamplona tries to sweep but is stuck in a cradle. Larson lands some heavy shots before Pamplona gets butterfly guard and tries to wall walk, but Larson turns him away from the fence. Pamplona is driving elbows into the top of Larson’s head while the wrestler is controlling the mat work and looking to out of Pamplona’s guard. Larson passes to half but Pamplona stands up, allowing Larson to harness his head and arm to drag him back to the canvas. Pamplona is trying to wall walk but Larson won’t allow it and is trying to hit a cobra choke to no avail. Pamplona works a rubber guard but gets nowhere before the round ends. 10-9 Larson

Round 3: Larson landing straight lefts and goes for a takedown that’s stuffed. Fighters are clinching and Pamplona reverses Larson into the cage. Larson shoots a short double leg and Pamplona sprawls out, but is pushed into the cage. Larson switches to a a single but Pamplona breaks him down and kills his momentum. Larson is extremely gassed and stumbling at the halfway mark of the round and Pamplona stalks him. Larson shoots a lazy single and falls to his back, allowing Pamplona to take half guard and start unloading punches. Larson upkicks as Pamplona looks to pass. Pamplona is bullying Larson on the mat while Larson stalls, but a failed guillotine by Pamplona allows Larson to finish the round on top.  Lackluster fight. 10-9 Pamplona

Brock Larson wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

RFA 6155 lbs.: Toby Imada vs. James Krause:

Round 1: Krause comes out and fires a one-two, but Imada slips the combination and sends Krause reeling with a counter right hooks and a left hook as Krause stands. Krause fires the same combination and Imada locks up in the clinch and socks Krause again as they break with a left hook and right uppercut. Imada is all over Krause and giving him no room to use his long limbs. Krause hits a trip takedown, is reversed and then reverses Imada to find his way into Imada’s guard. Imada kicks him off and stands and Krause leaps on a guillotine but loses it as they hit the mat. Imada works from the front head locks and is slow cooking a guillotine but loses it. Krause is finally at his striking range and working his rangy shots. Krause is jabbing Imada relentlessly while Imada is trying to get back into the pocket.  Overhand by Imada lands. Krause hits a hard right hand and a series of jabs again. Imada is rushing into clinch and getting nowhere. Uppercut from Krause lands hard. Krause is working Imada over from the outside now. Krause throws a headkick and gets taken down off of it to end the round. 10-9 Krause

Round 2: Krause is back at his outside striking game and Imada is moving well to avoid damage. Krause is picking Imada apart with his reach and Imada doesn’t have any answers. Krause counters Imada coming in with a harsh right hand and dances away. Shot from Imada and Krause skips out of it. Rising knee from Krause scores big and Imada seems like he’s lost on what to do here. 10-9 Krause

Round 3: Imada skips out and tries to cut angles to take this fight back but Krause is too fleet-footed.  High kick from Krause nearly lands and he’s back to jabs. Big knee again from Krause before Imada bull rushes into clinch and gets a single but Krause springs up and gets out of danger. Another bull rush from Imada and Krause blasts him with a knee to the chest. Big left from Krause lands then a one-two-two by Krause. Overhand by Imada and another bull rush but Krause fades away. Final desperate flurry by Imada but he can’t find the Hail Mary punch. 10-9 Krause

James Krause wins in the RFA 6 Main Event via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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