Georges St PierreGeorges St Pierre is the current UFC MMA welterweight champion and he is considered to be the best MMA fighter the world has ever seen. He has trained in karate, in jujitsu, in wrestling and in boxing. He’s a genuine all-rounder who worked his way through college by working as a bouncer.

In his career as a professional fighter he has won 24 professional fights and lost just two. Johny Hendricks is the top UFC welterweight contender. He is famed for the fury of his left hand, and is an excellent wrestler hence his 15/8 odds with the bookmakers. He gained a scholarship in wrestling and went on to become a professional fighter. He has had sixteen professional fights of which he won 15 and lost just one.

So who should you bet on? The bookies favor the title holder and are offering evens on him, while the contender is priced at around 2/1, but it really is a toss of a coin, bet on red or black and spin the roulette wheel. Hendricks is hungry for the title, and that could be the deciding factor, though Georges St Pierre seems well motivated too. If deciding who to bet on is too much of a decision and you enjoy playing slots games at sites such as then why not combine both of these and have a few spins at the boxing themed slots game called Knockout?

The game has been around for some time, but it has been revamped by Wizard Gaming and now has larger payouts. The maximum amount you can win on a spin is 10,000 coins and coins range from 10 cents up to a dollar.

The bonus is an interesting feature. You are presented with a stylised outline of a boxing opponent with his target areas marked with stars, punch him in the right places and win prizes, but score a booby prize and the feature comes to an end.

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