Maximum Fighting Championship Needs Some Talent

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MMA MFCThe Maximum Fighting Championship of today isn’t the MMA promotion it once was and MFC 39 was all the proof needed.

Friday’s MFC 39 had me wondering out loud just who the heck were this guys stepping through the Maximum Fighting Championship ropes. The days of Douglas Lima, Emanuel Newton and even Ryan Jimmo are long gone and now replaced with a handful of castaways and a bunch of yet to be household names.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is some talent within the MFC roster but the pickings are slim. So slim that even with events spaced several months apart, a typical MFC fight card will only have a name or two that can remotely peak the interest of even the most die hard MMA fan. To make matters worse is what talent they do have is spread over a few different weight classes, making intriguing matchups nearly impossible.

Thus you get heavyweight champion Anthony Hamilton headlining a fight card against Darrill Schoonover, yes that same Darrill Schoonover from The Ultimate Fighter season 10. That’s maybe a fight you’d expect to see at a regional show but not the Maximum Fighting Championship main event, yet that is what happened on Friday night.

MFC 39 was not a good start to the new year for the Canadian promotion and perhaps an unpleasant look into future events. Should the Maximum Fighting Championship want to avert that from happening though they will need to quickly add some talent to their thin roster, while making sure to hang on to the talent they currently have.

Maximum Fighting Championship was once considered the best Mixed Martial Arts promotion in Canada but they’ve got a very long way to go before they could make that claim once again.

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