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Legacy Fighting Championship 7 Results


Last night the Houston, Texas-based Mixed Martial Arts promotion Legacy Fighting Championship help its ninth overall event and first ever to be televised on HDNet. Live from the Houston Arena Theater LFC 7 featured six televised bouts and 11 bouts overall.

Life after the Octagon

Written by: MMA Valor Staff

In an ever evolving sport we all have our favorites, some are legends with long drawn out careers in mixed martial arts, others are easy to forget and one knockout punch or decision can change the course of the rest of their lives. Today were going to shine some light on what happens when you just can’t hang with the best in the world anymore. So many young athletes dream about making it to the highest level of competition out there, very few make it, even fewer have longevity. How could one expect to last in a sport where the other competitors travel the world just to learn how to take your head off with punches, kicks, or submissions? Then one day your manager gets the call that you are not good enough anymore for the spotlight, and your whole world comes crashing down in an instant. All that time, money, blood, sweat, missed family time, and tears now leaves you with an empty void, and a small savings to show for what you once were.