Big News: UFC is Coming to FOX in 2012


The Holy Grail for Dana White and the Ultimate Fighting Championship has apparently been obtained. According to the Sports Business Journal the UFC and Fox have agreed to a multi-year deal that will put as many as four events a year on Fox as well as the Fight Night shows and TUF finales on their sister channel FX.  The UFC has long been searching for that right television deal … [Read more...]

Useful Clearance Item: Manumission Cleansing Starter Pack

When it comes to MMA I find that there are three main goals for any serious fighter and that is to win, make lots of money, and bang hot chicks. While I don’t think the Manumission Fightceuticals Starter Kit will be able to help you with the first two I do think it can help you with the third. As we guys all know, even though we may be paying attention to other body parts, … [Read more...]

Useful Clearance Item: Everlast Protex 3 Training Gloves

Ok so I’ll admit I may not always know the most about gloves, that’s why I get people from Twitter to write about them because they know what they are talking about. However, if there is one thing I do know a lot about, it’s money. I like money and as a result I like having more of it and saving up. So when I see a great deal I naturally know that I need to point it out for my … [Read more...]

UFC 110 MMA Valor Store deals

Todayis fight day and to celebrate we are going to have a huge sale on all the gear inside the store. Plus we will also have a few deals exclusive to a certain brand. If you have been thinking of buying some MMA gear today is you day to get some great gear at a great price. The gear in the store is top quality from brands that you might or might not know but you will. Check … [Read more...]