Anderson Silva v Chael Sonnen UFC 148

Twas the Night before UFC 148 – Can this event live up to the hype?

Let’s be honest, if you’re an MMA fan, tonight is like Christmas even circa you’re tenth birthday. It’s impossible to sit still, sleep at night and all you’re doing is counting the minutes until tomorrows UFC 148. Hey, there’s a lot going down tomorrow. Anderson Silva will finally get his hands on Chael Sonnen, and Chael will get the opportunity to prove he’s more than words. Not to mention Tito’s swan song and rubber match with Forrest Griffin.
UFC 148-promo

MMA Media Roundtable: UFC 148

UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen 2 is just days away now and the wait is almost over for the fighters on the card and the fans clamoring to watch them. Tomorrow the fighters will step onto the scale and then all that’s left is for them to step into the Octagon inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen 2 Betting Corner

After the confusing main event at UFC on FX 4 and the nameless UFC 147 card, it's nice to see a quality PPV worth laying your money down on with UFC 148. But there's also money to be made in the betting world if you know who to back, who to fade, and how to hedge. Allow me to give you a bit of insight with my comparison betting odds, any props I think will hit, as well as my general confidence in the predictability of the fights.

Tito Ortiz is in the House….The Hall of Fame that is

Tito Ortiz is a lot of things. He’s brash, cocky, determined, a champion, an icon and now, going into UFC 148, a UFC Hall of Famer. From flipping Shamrock the bird, to Tito is in the house, to Dana is my Bitch, Tito has run the gamut of UFC emotions and realities during his 15 year tenure with the UFC. As that tenure comes to a close, let’s look back at the polarizing moments that made you love Tito Ortiz, and others love to hate him.

UFC 148: Then and Now

Remember when the rumors began to swirl that the Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen rematch would be moved to UFC 148? When those rumors finally became a reality the July 7th UFC 148 fight main card looked to be one of, if not the best UFC main card ever. Coinciding with the UFC Fan Expo, the card was in the drives seat for breaking records.