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Open Fighter Tryouts for XFC, Coming Soon


When you think about the XFC, what comes to mind? If you are a red-blooded American male, chances are the name Marianna Kheyfets will cross your thoughts. Nick Newell, an inspirational story to any MMA fan, is another name that will surely come up. After a successful debut for the XFC in December, MMA fans have watched Newell’s fight at XFC 15 on Youtube over 1.5 million times. While Kheyfets has defeated her last three opponents, since joining the XFC. Both are currently undefeated. Both are now fixtures inside a stacked lineup of some of the most talented fighters in the XFC promotion. But do you know how these two amazing fighters were discovered by the promotion?  Kheyfets and Newell both received a contract by catching the eye of XFC President John Prisco and winning an XFC Open Fighter Tryout.