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ZUFFA institutes Pre-contract screening policy for PED’s


The topic of PED usage in the MMA community got more than its deserved share of press coverage this past year. Multiple positive test results coupled with suspension, and release announcements became what almost seemed like a monthly occurrence. Now, with the recent announcements of athletes like Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos and ‘King’ Mo Lawal testing positive for alleged steroid usage, it appears as though ZUFFA, the parent company that owns the UFC and Strikeforce assets are getting tougher on how the athletes will be screened when competing under contract for either organization.

Lorenz Larkin Reacts to King Mo Lawal testing Positive for PED

King Mo Strikeforce

Yet another Strikeforce fighter tested positive for a performance enhancing drug in back to back events. The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal failed his drug test for his January 7th fight with Lorenz Larkin.

Chael Sonnen fails test, shouldn’t get rematch with Anderson Silva if true

Middeweight fighter and trash talking wiz, Chael Sonnen might have had a dirty little secret he used leading up to his championship fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 117. Sonnen displayed an extreme level of confidence leading up UFC 117 and almost defeated the pound for pound best fighter in the world, but was it because of something other than hard work?