Meet MMA Valor at Ricky’s

2287854056_bf498e0590_mI’m hanging out at the great sports bar that is Ricky’sin San Leandro California. I’m going to be watching the UFC and meeting whoever want to chat MMA. This place is awesome, Jon Gruden is having a party right now in the room right next to me. there is 3 super-sized projection tv’s and I’m 3 feet from the main one. If you are in the area come on by and check out the fight and more importantly me. There is a $15.00 cover to get in but it well worth it for hanging with all these other UFC fans. I’ll be handing out stickers for anyone that come up and talks with me too, hope to see you here.

[Update] Its the main event and this place is going crazy. Ricky’s is the place to be for UFC PPV if your in the area check them out.

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