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Bellator XIII Results

Image 9171216 97033399 2 WebSmall 0 a37f25e6c22aad9bcd572b2f2ed6d592 1 300x199 Bellator XIII ResultsBellator XIII is the first event for them in season 2 and starts both the Featherweight and Lightweight tournaments. I look forward to some good fights with Roger Huerta, Joe Warren and Carey Vanier. I have not seen Vanier fight before but have heard good things of him. This will also be my first time watching Bellator so I’ll be interested in seeing the production and hearing the commentators.

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Fight #1 – Boa Quach vs. Georgi Karakhanyan

Round 1 – Fight starts out really going back and forth with each fighter having his strong moments. Through the first 4 minutes of the round neither took over full control, that is until the fight ended. Karakhanyan landed a flying right knee that weakened Quach’s leg, Karakhanyan followed that with another right knee that knocked Quach out. Georgi Karakhanyan wins by first round KO

Fight #2 – Joe Warren vs. Eric Marriott

Round 1 – Quick takedown by Warren and is controlling the fight from the top. Warren gets sloppy and has to escape a leg lock, but quickly regains control and get another takedown. Warren gets sloppy again and get caught in a arm bar and escapes only by pure strength before getting sloppy again. The round ends with Warren locked in a triangle choke by Marriott getting saved by the bell.

Round 2 – Marriott looks tired and Warren scores a quick takedown.Warren controls the entire round from top position showing good cardio as he worked that whole round. Warren wins that round without a doubt. 

Round 3 – Starts out like the others with Warren getting the takedown and control the Marriott. Warren dropping elbows and punches over and over again but again getting sloppy. Marriott was game and continues looking for submissions (armbar) but Warren kept getting out of them. The round ends and Warren should have won that round too. Joe Warren wins by Unanimous Decision

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Fight #3 – Roger Huerta vs. Chad Hinton

Round 1 – Hinton showing a lot of strength pushing Huerta around the cage early. Huerta starts to take over a little with good takedown defense and some nice boxing. Hinton gets a late takedown and get Huerta’s back but he is too high and Huerta gets out and closes the round with some ground and pound. Hinton held his own but Huerta wins that round.

Round 2 – Hinton lands a head kick and the light goes off and they both just start throwing. Hinton is throwing more punches but Huerta is landing the better shots. He gets a double leg takedown on Hinton and controls the rest of the round punishing Hinton the whole time. The round comes to a close with Huerta in full mount, another round for Huerta.

Round 3 – Huerta comes out looking to finish the fight now! Huerta does a nice roll to get himself in top control and finds the leg of Hinton and locks in a leg lock that forces Hinton to tap. Roger Huerta wins by 3rd round Submission (Leg Lock)

Fight #4 – Joe Duarte vs. Carey Vanier

Round 1 – Slow start as the fighters are feeling each other out. Vanier scores a nice takedown halfway through round one, Duarte get back up quickly though. Vanier slams Duarte down hard with 90 seconds left in the round and again get up quickly. Round ends with the fighter standing up exchanging shot. Close round but Vanier gets it with the two takedowns.

Round 2 – Duarte is looking tired in this round and Vanier is looking to capitalize on this. Vanier controls the whole round as the big weight cut of Duarte is catching up with him. Duarte keeps trying though and as the round comes to a close he is attempting a kimura. Vanier takes this round again.

Round 3 – Vanier scores a fast takedown and starts reigning down hammerfist, elbows and bombs on Duarte. Fight is getting close to being stopped with Vanier laying down a lot of pain. Duarte is just trying to survive and finally the ref. steps in and stops the fight. Carey Vanier wins by 3rd round TKO


  • Edson Diniz def.  John Kelly via Submission (kneebar) Round 1
  • Chris Manuel  def. Ralph Acosta via Submission (Guillotine ) Round 3
  • Moyses Gabin def.  Mikey Gomez via unanimous decision
  • Vagner Rocha def.. Francisco Soares via ref stoppage

Some good fights and I thought Bellator put on a pretty good show, Though having Huerta does help. Speaking of Huerta… It was really good to see him in there and I hope Dana White is kicking himself tonight! There was a few production things I thought were odd, several times they went to commercial before the bell rung. Not that big of a deal but still it’s lame, the ring announcers audio seemed off too. Those are kind small me nit picking some so I’d have to say the show was pretty good and I look forward to the next one.

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