Making the Cut Heavyweight to Middle Weight [Final results]

So it has been 3 weeks and quite the journey! I originally set a hard goal of moving from Heavyweight (220) to Middleweight (185) in 3 weeks. I guess honestly I lost motivation because I actually do not have a fight coming up and only lost about 20 pounds, but that’s good for 3 weeks. Two years ago I cut from 198 to 176 for a grappling tournament and I feel with my current stature I would be able to replicate that cut if I had a date to perform a tough task such as a fight or grappling tournament. Today also started the second phase of the diet a slower portion where we introduce good carbohydrates and fruits back into the diet. The book promises the same amount to more of a cut so I am going to put my goal @ a realistic 188 by May 11th that’s 22 more pounds in a month and a 42 pound cut in less than 2 months.

This diet has made me feel great, my skin is better, my cardio is great, and my drive to overcome obstacles is different than before, I actually enjoy stepping on the scale as well. I have learned how to make carb free bread, eat better vegetables and salads, and I have tried new things that I never knew I liked. Also most nights ended in a sugar free fudgesicle just to get some feel good food. I also ate a lot of fat burger wrapped in lettuce and chipotle minus some ingredients. I realized work outs require personal drive instead of sugar coasting like before and I am defiantly ready for my 4.2 mile run for Pat Tillman next week.  I thank all of you who clicked and read through my struggles and if anyone wants to know more just feel free to email me. 

Final weight  202.6 (219.8)

Body fat % 21.8 (27.6%)

Muscle mass 78 lb (76.5 Lb)

Bone mass 9.6

Water weight 53

Thanks guys I will keep you informed of how my phase 2 is going once a week.

Written by: Staff Writer

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