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Ten questions Strikeforce fighter Christian Grosinsky

Christian Grosinsky 214x300 Ten questions Strikeforce fighter Christian GrosinskyWhen asked exclusively to talk about his upcoming fight on the Strikeforce challengers card, CHRISTIAN GROSINSKY gave MMA Valor a full view of what to expect come fight night. Grosinsky (2-0) will be fighting on the nights undercard in front of his hometown fans in Arizona.

Here is our interview with MMA fighter Christian Grosinsky:

Where did you begin training for mixed martial arts fights or what steered you in that direction?

I started martial arts when I was 12 and when I got to ASU I started pankration and boxed for ASU as a club sport. I took a short break from MMA because it was around 2002 and there wasn’t much to do with it at that point. I got back into it around 07 because it gained popularity and there were more avenues for competition.

You have taken a small break since your last fight, did you want to fight sooner or were you waiting for a bigger opportunity like this?

For some reason it was difficult to find quality opponents in this area that were willing to fight. I did have a fight in San Diego in July but I didn’t find out till I got there that it was not sanctioned so it didn’t go on my pro record. I won by KO in 46 seconds though. I wasn’t necessarily waiting for a big time fight, I just want every opponent I fight to be a bigger challenge than the last. That’s what makes fighting exciting, I want to know the guy has the tools to beat me if I don’t bring it.

You opponents wins have come over guys with a combined record of 4-5 and you have fought two seasoned guys with more experience (8-13) do you consider yourself the better, more well rounded undefeated fighter?

I feel like I have spent a lot of time developing my skill set as opposed to taking fights just to fight. I took a couple years between my 1st and 2nd fight to really improve as a fighter. I feel like the time I took did make me a better, more well rounded fighter. I believe that is why I am able to compete with guys that have more fights than I do.

Do you plan to stay in or travel outside of Arizona if Strikeforce wants you to fight again for them?

I will travel anywhere in the world if it means I get to fight. My goal is to continually fight better guys in bigger shows.

What are your strengths you plan to use in this fight against a well rounded opponent in Jason?

Just to fill you in Jason Karpel had to pull out due to injury. I will be fighting John Wood (7-5), who is also a well rounded fighter.

I feel like I have a striking advantage over most guys, and I believe this to be the case with John Wood. I also feel comfortable in the clinch or on the ground which makes me more comfortable letting go with my strikes. I think one of the biggest x-factors in this fight, as with a lot of fights, is athleticism. I believe I will be the better, more explosive athlete inside the cage Friday, and I think that will prove to be an advantage.

Who are your picks for the women’s tourney and main event?

I’m definitely pulling for Miesha Tate! I’ve had the privilege to train with Joe Riggs for this fight and he has helped me tremendously. He’s a great guy and a great fighter. I know he’s in great shape. I’m pulling for him as a friend, and as a fighter I know he has all the tools to get the job done. I fully expect him to dominate this fight!

If you could step up with a win in this fight is there anyone you would like to fight on the Strike force roster like Scott Smith?

Oh man, there are so many fighters on the Strikeforce roster that I’d be excited to fight! I’d love to get into a stand up war with a guy like Scott Smith or Cung Le! Obviously I still have work to do on my game, but those would definitely be fun fights! I would also take much personal satisfaction in being able to punch Nick Diaz in the face at least once in my lifetime!

How have you changed your training for this fight?

For this fight I’ve definitely gotten a lot of good sparring in with Riggs over at Siege MMA. It’s been fun and a huge help. He’s shown me some very useful things. I also did a lot more work off the cage, and brought in a great wrestling buddy of mine, Wade Van Sickle, to really push me with the wrestling. It’s been a good camp

Do you know your opponent, or have you seen a lot of footage that will help you in this fight?

I haven’t seen a lot of video on my opponent, but I’ve trained with a couple guys that have fought him. He seems pretty well rounded, but not extremely dangerous in any one area.

Any sponsors or coaches you would like to thank?

I’d like to thank Jeff Paulson and Siege MMA for letting me train there. Also the guys at the Pit and Chaz Turner, they really helped me out. Thanks to Clinch Gear, Too Strong, and Rising Fighter for sponsoring me, and my training partners Wade Van Sickle and Lars Havens, and especially Joe Riggs, it’s great to have a guy of his caliber take personal interest in my career.

I’d just like to add that I’m going to do all I can to put on an exciting, explosive fight! I’ve been so blessed to stay healthy and have the right people come into my life at the right time. I can’t say enough how thankful and blessed I am to have the opportunity to do what I love, and I just want to go out there and make the most of it every time I’m in that cage.

 Thank you for your time and interest, it really means a lot!

MMA Valor will be there tomorrow live covering the event, make sure to check back here for pictures, recaps and move.

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