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The SandMan James Irvin gets Second chance in fight

James Irvin (15-7 MMA) once again proves that he has one of the best superman punches in the business by tko’ing Angel DeAnda (7-2 MMA) and snapping his six fight winning streak. This event took place in Roseville, California on a local card called Rebel Fights – Domination. Angel DeAnda is a Gladiator challenge veteran and a striking based fighter who let the local fans know that it would be a stand up fight.

DeAnda and Irvin went back and forth in the first round, Irvin dropped his hands to taunt and bring DeAnda in closer. The two exchanged heavy strikes and wound up in the clinch where DeAnda dropped the sandman with punches. The ref immediately stepped in to wave off the fight like it was over but Irvin managed to stand up and keep fighting. The two went right back into throwing heavy punches and strikes while standing. Irvin landed a nice superman punch and the fight was over, he practically pushed DeAnda over while he was out on his feet.

The athletic commission should take another look at this fight and see where they / the fight doctor went wrong with dealing with a heavy KO, and also look into the ref stepping in to stop the fight and then letting it continue.

Check the video link below for your own take.

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