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Shane Carwin vs Roy Nelson likely at UFC 125

carwinvnelson Shane Carwin vs Roy Nelson likely at UFC 125

Every couple of months Joe Silva and the UFC come up with great ideas to mesh with Joe Rogan’s great saying “Styles Make Fights”.  One such fight is the rumored Shane Carwin vs. Roy Nelson matchup that will take place on the UFC 125 New Years day Pay per View card, at the MGM Arena in Vegas. Carwin has signed a bout agreement but the opponent has yet to be revealed, but it’s rumored to be Nelson. Both fighters are coming off top-tier losses in the Heavyweight division, and want to stay right in the title picture so this fight makes sense. It also brings together two standup sluggers who will keep the fans on their feet for however long this fight pans out.

Shane Carwin (12-1 MMA) is a wrestling based power striker and a Greg Jackson prodigy. Shane had never seen the second round until his last fight for the belt against Brock Lesnar. Shane stuffed the first telegraphed takedown that came his way then flurried to knock the champ down with strikes.  He then pounced and delivered ground and pound till he had nothing left in him. The second round came and he was gassed enough to let Brock Lesnar take him down and sink a deep arm triangle. Prior though he had successfully dropped every fighter he has faced with punches and has some of the most brutal pure KO power in the UFC Heavyweight division.

Roy “Big Country” Nelson (15-5 MMA) is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and also a very good striker with great KO power. Roy on the ground will be very dangerous, especially if the other fighter is fatigued. His cardio has yet to stop him from fighting, and he has one of the best chins in the Heavyweight division. Roy has been known to be the underdog and has shocked the crowd before with devastating finishes. Roy has good boxing technique and polished off Shane’s training partner with a lethal KO in the first round to win season 10 of the Ultimate fighter.

Keys to the fight: This is a harder fight to call than most people would expect. Shane has shown flaws in his standup (Gonzaga fight) that could spell trouble, and Roy has shown us how to drop a 10-8 to a good striker and get punched around the ring. Shane will need to clinch and use his power to work Roy against the fence and wear him down with dirty boxing. A fast start and well landed punch could put anyone on the wrong side of Shane’s glove to sleep so he will need to do it before he runs out of steam. Roy will need to put Shane on his back and submit him with ease, or pick his shots while standing and use good movement. Getting Shane moving around the ring and trading exchanged can lead to him getting rocked and taken down like the Gonzaga fight. The longer this fight lasts the better chance Roy has to finish or win.

Anyone think this will go all 3 rounds?

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A college student residing in Arizona, coming off of active duty and continuing to work for the government. I hold a black belt in Hapkido, and have high school wrestling experience paired with multiple grappling tournaments. I spent six months training Authentic Muay Thai and now I am currently enrolling in Gracie B.J.J/MMA this week. I plan on starting my amateur fighting Career sometime late this year to early next year and also plan on entering B.J.J. tournaments through the year.

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  1. MMAquick says:

    it’s on! Shane Carwin via twitter “Bout Agreement Signed, faxed to Zuffa”. It’s On!!! (UFC 125 – Nelson)

  2. Lee Murray says:

    Agree with the predictions.

  3. @Lee Murry
    Thanks man. Should the fight happen it will be a good one.

  4. MMAquick says:

    @Joshua Wood as per Shane Carwin on Twitter ” It’s On” at UFC 125

  5. @MMAquick
    carwin is fighting UFC 125 for sure but here is what he has siad on twitter. “1-1-11 no opponent announced yet” & “Bout agreement is signed and faxed to Zuffa” and lastly “my contract has the opponents name on it. I am just not at liberty to say who it is” Nelson is most likely the name on the contract but we don’t have conformation of that…. yet

  6. mmaquick says:

    That guy deleted his tweet, I saw it with my own eyes when he tweeted that about Nelson.

  7. goose says:

    pretty much kung fu panda wins late in the second rd via submission…

  8. @mmaquick
    The UFC might have told him too. It’s all good though

  9. MMAquick says:

    Oh snap, Rumor has it that Roy’s knee isn’t 100%

    I’m thinking it will be JDS vs. Carwin @ 125

    it can sell, Carwin kicked Brock’s ass all of round 1

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