Strikeforce Challengers: Wilcox vs. Damm Results and Recap

Sometimes the smaller cards are better than the star-studded pay per view cards with headlining title fights. Sometimes those younger, hungry fighters looking to get their name out there on those smaller cards put on performances that make them a star.

Tonight the first Strikeforce, post ZUFFA purchase event took place in Stockton, California at the Stockton Arena with Strikeforce Challengers: Wilcox vs. Damm. The 15th installment of the series features some of the top Mixed Martial Arts talent the state of California has to offer from two of the best MMA gyms around. 

Here are the complete results on the night along with main card fight recaps:

Preliminary bouts

135 lbs.: Adam Antolin vs. Ronald Carillo – Ronald Carillo by 1st round Submission (rear naked choke)

155 lbs.: Tristan Arenal vs. Tom Peterson – Tristan Arenal by 1st round submission (armbar)

135 lbs.: Robert Escalante vs. Raul Sandoval – Robert Escalante by 1st round submission (armbar)

155 lbs.: Rafael Rios vs. Anthony Avila – Anthony Avila by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Televised bouts

170 lbs.: Damian Douglas vs. Wayne Phillips

The first opens with the two clinching, Phillips attempts a throw but ends up on the bottom. Douglas quickly goes for a rear naked choke but seems to be in a rush to get it and the two eventually get back to standing. Douglas takes the fight back down and Phillips gives up his back but the two get back standing. Douglas seems to have lost a lot of steam which allows Phillips to get a takedown. Douglas defends for the bottom with a kimura attempt but as he gets up Phillips jump on his back for a standing rear naked choke that drops the two fighters to the canvas. The choke is in very deep and if not for the bell the fight would be over.

Douglas comes out in round two with nothing left in the gas tank. Phillips goes for a takedown and gets it but Douglas looks for a guillotine choke but just doesn’t have the strength to hold it. Phillips stays in top control tell just under two minutes left in the round before the referee stood them up due to lack of action. Phillips just misses a fight ender of a knee but later does land a thai knee to the chest of Douglas, who has his arms down and mouth wide open.

Final round starts and both fighters are gassed, though it’s clear Douglas is the worse off between the two. Things are in slow motion here and time can’t run fast enough in this fight for the fighters and the fans. The rest of the round is the two fights backing out them coming together to exchange and repeating until the bell finally brings an ending to the fight. I judge the fight 29-28 Phillips, giving Douglas only the final round.

Damian Douglas by Majority Decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

155 lbs.: James Terry vs. Josh Thornburg

Fighters don’t touch gloves as the fight begins. Terry land a few good right hand shots on Thornburg who is not throwing many punches here early in round one. Good combination by Terry along with his speed has Thornburg’s face red and beginning to swell. More overhand rights by Terry followed by another one right over a jab from Thornburg dropping him to the canvas for the knockout.

James Terry by 1st round KO

205 lbs.: Lorenz Larkin vs. Scott Lighty

The kicks are flying to open this light heavyweight bout with Larkin just lighting up the former K-1 fighter Lighty. Both fighters are throwing hard punches and kicks and with less than a minutes Larkin drops Lighty who somehow survives the barrage of shots that followed to get back up and finish the round standing.

Second round now and Larkin continues where he left off landing brutal kicks that has Lighty looking for a takedown. The takedown attempt was a bad idea though as Larkin puts him against the cage and using him as a punching bag. Lighty continues and after a breather by Larkin he explodes on the face of Lighty with a left uppercut that staggered him, the next uppercut would drop him and one more before the referee stops the fight.

Lorenz Larkin by 2nd round TKO

155 lbs.: David Douglas vs. Caros Fodor

Fodor comes out very calm quickly using the clinch on the bigger Douglas who muscles the fight to the ground where he gets close to a submission. Douglas is getting the better of the striking early as Fodor is still doing a lot of clinching. Fodor goes for a guillotine, pulls guard but ends up on the bottom briefly with no submission but does end up on top. With 90 seconds left Fodor starts dropping the now legal elbows and Douglas doesn’t like that very much as Fodor passes to side control and looks for a Kimura but Douglas hangs on (literally) as the round ends.

Right to the clinch in round two and Fodor going for the guillotine again that gets him in top position and goes for it again as the two stand up. Fodor pulls guard again with the choke attempt and Douglas tries to escape and Fodor transitions to full mount. Reigning down the elbows, punches and hammerfists, Fodor is punishing Douglas in this round. Douglas gets the fight to half guard but Fodor is still dropping elbows, and continues to as the second round ends.

Final round now and Douglas, like his brother (Damian) is completely out of gas, while Fodor is bouncing around still. Douglas has his hands down and Fodor is landing shots at will including lands knee after knee to the head and legs of Douglas. Fodor is just landing whatever he wanted on Douglas and the referee steps in and ends the beating.

Caros Fodor by 3rd round TKO

155 lbs.: Justin Wilcox vs. Rodrigo Damm

After the longest stare down in history as the CSAC gets the doctors in place, BOOOOOO! Wilcox comes out with a right head kick and Damm returns the favor with a low kick. Another right head kick by Wilcox is partially blocked by Damm but he is hurt and shots for the takedown but Wilcox stuff it and the two are back standing. Damm is circling in the wrong direction and getting hit with everything Wilcox has as punishment. Damm is bleeding and running away yet eats a right hand that drops him and Wilcox drops several shots on Damm. Trying to get back up is Damm but Wilcox goes for a choke, but lets it go before pushing Damm across the cage and to the ground. Damm is bleeding everywhere as Wilcox is forcing Damm’s head down, while picking his shots. This fight could be called at any moment as Wilcox is more or less punishing his opponent over putting Damm out of his misery. The completely dominated round by Wilcox comes to an end with Damm a bloody mess. After a little confusion between rounds the fight is stopped by the doctor.

Justin Wilcox by 1st round TKO (doctor stoppage)

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