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Overeem vs. Werdum, Less than Impressed

| June 20, 2011 | Reply

Werdum awaits “The Reem” inside the cage. It’s nearly time for him to unveil this “secret weapon” he’s been speaking of during fight week. Overeem is walking down the aisle of the American Airlines Center with a Dallas Mavericks flag looking to win over the Championship crowd. The Dangerous Dutch Striker is ready to make good on his promise and KO the 2x BJJ Black Belt. This one has all the makings and after waiting 4 months since this Heavyweight GP started its long overdue.

Unfortunately this one could have been dubbed Silva vs. Maia 2. With 2 less Rounds and 40 more lbs. of whoop ass?

Overeem looks like an absolute monster compared to Werdum. Go back and watch the first fight between these two. It’s like someone gave Alistair a real life comic book makeover. Werdum comes out aggressive early. Lands some shots and shoots in for some amusing looking takedowns attempts on “The Demolition Man”. Fabricio even pulls guard a couple of times. Overeem had some great seats for the Fedor fight, he isn’t taking the bait. The boo birds come out with about one minute left in the 1st Round. Werdum is begging Overeem to join him on the ground in his web. He smiles up at him, puts his hands together praying for him to join him. It’s just not happening. Even after Overeem tosses or trips Werdum he looks annoyed waiting for his opponent to get back up. The whole Striker vs. BJJ extraordinaire thing has just canceled each other out with a vengeance.

The Last 2 Rounds looked more like an Amateur MMA Heavyweight under card fight rather than the Main Event for a top promotion. Both fighters look completely spent . Werdum does land some good knees from the clinch and scores with some effective strikes to set up multiple failed take down attempts but the judges are clearly scoring these rounds for Overeem. He looks really good on the ground, especially when he nestles his head into Werdum’s chest looking like he’s in desperate need of a nap. While Overeem is content just laying on his opponent and is too tired to get up, Werdum throws up the Hail Mary kneebar with under 10 seconds left. Too little too late.

Everybody’s favorite post fight interview man Gus Johnson asked Reem if he was hurt by anything Werdum threw at him. The Unanimous Decision victor replied that he was hurt with nothing. He explains (huffing and puffing) to Gus that there was 40 lbs of whoop ass difference in this fight referring to the muscle he’s packed on in recent years. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has to be licking his chops with anticipation right about now. Overeem looks like a very winnable fight for him right now in the Semi Final Round of this Heavyweight GP if he can avoid his power early.

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