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Anthony Pettis: The Lightweight left behind?

Could it be possible to say that one of the most exciting strikes ever thrown in a fight was more a curse than a sign of the potential of a young prospect breaching into the UFC? Anthony Pettis is one of the few lightweights still in the UFC who is struggling to find a win, while guys like Cerrone and Henderson continue to dominate every test the UFC matchmaker throws their way.

Pettis made a career decision to fight while the belt was on hold in a tough grudge and lost an exciting fight to Clay Guida whose experience played a key role in fighting through a plethora of submission attempts from Pettis. Fans saw an exciting fight, and Dana still wants this young star around but now is his time to step up to the plate and show his worth.
Now 13-2, Pettis meets Jeremy Stephens who is 20-6 with some of the crispest striking in the division, always pressing forward no matter what attitude.

Stephens lacks on the ground more than Pettis lacks in the striking department but to stand and trade toe to toe with Stephens will devastate Pettis early in the fight. This fight honestly one of the best on paper on the whole card and the outcome is not as clear as any fan base will admit. Look for a potential fight of the night, while Stephens protects his arm, and Pettis protects his face and both fighters cut loose.

Win or loss the past 3 years have been packed with exciting fights from the WEC’s blue glove army and this fight will be the continued exciting chapter that keeps us watching “Showtime” Pettis wondering what can he throw next?

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