Mixed Martial Thoughts: Lesnar Leaving & Why Cesar Gracie Completes the Diaz Brothers

Brock Lesnar

Did Brock Lesnar do the right thing by calling it a career last Friday night?  Randy Couture retired and came back, will Brock?  Will we see Lesnar doing his patented “F-5” in the WWE anytime soon? With his post fight announcement that he was retiring from MMA, Lesnar leaves a lot of unanswered questions that will slowly but surely be answered with time.

Brock is a phenomenal athlete and whether you love him or hate him; you watched him.  You tuned in hoping he’d get his ass kicked or because you were rooting for him to shut his doubters up.  He ends his mixed martial arts career with a record of 5-3 and on a two fight losing streak.  Name one other fight with only eight career fights that was at the top of his division and sold pay per views like he did?  Name one other fighter with only eight career fights that evoked such heated debate between his doubters and supporters?

Other than Min Soon Kim, Lesnar never fought a “can”.  He was literally thrown to the sharks and he swam more times than he sank.  He entered the UFC on the heels of his WWE fame but he came in with an impressive NCAA record and a National title. While there are still many fights out there for Lesnar that would sell and make for intriguing match-ups he’s walking away.  Had he chosen to continue fighting and continued to lose, do you think the WWE would want to be in the Brock Lesnar business?  Would Dana White?

By walking away at this point Lesnar leaves water in the proverbial well and can continue to cash in whenever he wants to.  He can go make one off appearances for Vince McMahon, a la Dwayne Johnson, collect a paycheck and go back to hunting.  And if he ever got bored enough, he could always call D White and step back inside the octagon to take a fight that interests him, a la Randy Couture.

When you mention the names Nick and Nate Diaz a lot of people will probably share unpleasant thoughts towards them.  Their brash style, fouled mouth antics, and street like behavior can rub people the wrong way. But there is no way you can deny their talent and ability to perform at a high level and pace.

After watching Nate Diaz destroy Donald Cerrone and seeing Greg Jackson in Cerrone’s corner I started thinking about the vast contrast in the mentor like roles Jackson and Cesar Gracie play for their fighters.

Cesar Gracie is the perfect fit for those guys and a lot of their success has to be attributed to him.  While Jackson is instructing his fighters to “go win some fans” by checking on a downed opponent, Cesar is telling Nick Diaz to call out a certain “moutherfucker”.  As he told Mauro Ranallo, he speaks to “209ese” to them.  He’s adapted himself to better fit their personalities and gives them enough rope that they won’t hang themselves.  He also has Nick Diaz fighting in a title bout less than a month away and Nate coming off arguably the biggest win of his career.

Does anyone think either Diaz brother would be as successful if they trained with Jackson, or anyone else other than Cesar Gracie for that matter?  I don’t.

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