XFC 23 Complete Results and Main Card Recap

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XFC 23Kentucky was treated to the rare big promotion MMA show as XFC rolled into the state with their brand of solid match-making across all weight classes with XFC 23. There was plenty of great action with UFC veteran Shamar Bailey taking on Bellator veteran Luis Santos in the main event, as well as a packed undercard, so let’s dig into the action.

135 lbs.: Charles Stanford vs. BJ Ferguson: Kicking the night off right, TUF 14 elimination victim BJ Ferguson took on a rising star in Charles Stanford. Stanford looked like the better conditioned athlete by a mile, but Ferguson’s lack of conditioning would never be an issue as he came in with an uppercut in the first moments of the fight. Putting Stanford on the retreat, Ferguson followed with accurate punches and kept going to that uppercut, slicing the guard and dropping the young fighter to the canvas for the stoppage.

BJ Ferguson wins via 1st Round TKO (uppercuts)


186 lbs.: John Troyer vs. Julio Gallegos: Technique is cool and all, but sometimes we just need to see some knuckles taking flight, and both Troyer and Gallegos were happy to oblige us. From the opening bell, both men were throwing leather as fast as they could, with Gallegos getting the best of it early.  Beating Troyer to the punch consistently, Troyer was pushed to the fence and beating relentlessly.  While Troyer did have a great series of knees and a pair of power punches that sliced his opponent’s guard, Gallegos never backed off the throttle and put Troyer down with a series of punches and knees.

Julio Gallegos wins via 2nd Round TKO (punches and knees)

125 lbs.: Eric Moell vs. Joey Diehl: A great bout between two young fighters, Moell came into this with a good deal of well-placed hype, yet Diehl wasn’t going to lay down for his foe. Using a game of long kicks and longer shots, Moell had some success early, hitting takedowns on Diehl with minimal risk. He was never able to hold Diehl down for long however and while the first round went to Moell, the energy spent seemed a waste in a three round fight. It was a moot point in the second round however, as a shot by Moell saw him fly right into a guillotine choke seconds into the round and forcing the young fighter to tap to the veteran.

Joey Diehl wins via 2nd Round Submission (guillotine)


115 lbs.: Brianna Van Buren vs. Stephanie Eggink: An outstanding bout of WMMA action, the 19-year-old Van Buren came in on short notice, taking on amateur boxer turned MMA fighter Stephanie Eggink.  While Eggink cut her teeth in boxing, this fight would see very little of her mother style as Van Buren pushed forward and hit takedowns. Eggink worked well off her back, throwing up submissions anytime she was on her back and having a huge third round after a failed armbar found her on top. Van Buren did well for herself with top control and even a rampage style power slam to break an armlock, but her inactivity cost her on the score cards.

Stephanie Eggink wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

XFC 23145 lbs.: Zach Underwood vs. Deivison Riberio: A grueling match that showed the endurance of both men, Underwood showed incredible strength and composure against Riberio. Using clinch control and power takedowns, Underwood controlled the majority of the fight from top position, while Riberio bucked and rolled as much as he could manage. Underwood wasn’t being lazy with the attacks however, as he found a few openings to attack Riberio in the scrambles created by the Brazilian. While the action was generally slow, neither fighter ever quit looking for the finish, with Underwood putting in a convincing effort to win.

Zach Underwood wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

170 lbs.: Shamar Bailey vs. Luis Santos: The main event of the night pitted veterans from two different promotions looking to work their way back to the bigger shows, as Shamar Bailey faced Luis Santos. A fast shot by Bailey oddly ended with Bailey appearing to have hurt his knee, not willing to rise immediately after the missed attempted. When he did stand however, Santos was ready, intercepting his rising dome with a head kick that buckled Bailey’s legs and spelled the beginning of the end.  Crushing elbows and dozens of punches opened a titanic gash in Bailey’s head and finally forced the referee to step in, albeit a bit later than was reasonable.

Luis Santos wins via 1st Round TKO (strikes)

XFC 23 Un-Aired Undercard Results:

155 lbs.: Eugene Perrin defeated Augusta Tindall by Unanimous Decision

185 lbs.: Scott Hope defeated Joshua Blanchard by 1st rd TKO

145 lbs.: Brandon Sandefur defeated Josh Cooper 2nd rd. Rear-Naked choke Submission

170 lbs.: Brandon Hurst defeated Eric Jarvis by Unanimous Decision

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