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CFA 11Championship Fighting Alliance made its AXS TV debut as it rode a wave of national media coverage from Fallon Fox and CFA 11. That isn’t to say this “historic” fight was the main attraction for fight fans however, as they brought a solid card that delivered. Let’s look at how it all went down.

190 lbs.: Eddie Gordon vs. Oscar Delgado: Gordon was a late replacement here against the savvy veteran striker in Delgado, but certainly got into the swing of things quickly. Gordon used fast and functional boxing against the plodding power kickboxing of his opponent, finding a home for his jab while staying safe from Delgado hammering shots. Having opened up a small lead in the first round with his superior strike count, Gordon decided he was done playing in the second round, rifling a body shot early that backed Delgado up, and set up Gordon’s end game. Hitting a massive scoop slam against the fence, Gordon landed a series of hammer fists, took Delgado and hooked the RNC for a fast tap and impressive debut.

Eddie Gordon wins via 2nd Round Submission (RNC)

125 lbs.: Czar Sklavos vs. Alexis Vila: An action-packed fight, Sklavos looked to use his well-versed MMA game against the elder wrestler in Vila. Sklavos had some early success with his karate-style approach, landing snappy kicks and a left hook that staggered Vila in the opening round. However, Vila’s world-class wrestling and athletic ability carried him in this tough spot and allowed him to take over the fight, dumping Sklavos in the same round with a right hook. The next two rounds played out in Vila’s favor, as Sklavos couldn’t find his timing anymore as Vila worked his fast and simple boxing to great success. A handful of takedowns and well-placed leg kicks allowed Vila to coast through the fight and take an eventful decision.

Alexis Vila wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

145 lbs.: Elvin Leon Brito vs. Sean Soriano: A championship bout that lived up to expectations, Brito and Soriano went to battle for the interim Featherweight title. Men of diverse MMA backgrounds, this fight could have taken place anywhere, and indeed it seemed to find both fighters in a number of positions, both compromising and dominant. Soriano is well-known for his crisp striking, and while Brito is no joke, he was often a step behind his opponent on the feet. If he was a step behind on the feet, he was ten steps behind on the mat however, as Soriano used smooth takedowns and positioning, utterly dominating the mat work at almost every turn. Brito wasn’t without his moments however, using his flexibility and surprising submission acumen to threaten submissions from literally every angle.  Though Brito had his nose shattered in the 3rd round with a clinch knee, he never took the easy way out of the fight, hanging in there till the very end and always hunting for that desperate finish.

Sean Soriano wins via Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

155 lbs.: Robert Washington vs. Luis Palomino: A great athlete doesn’t always make a great fighter, and that seems to be the sad tale of Robert Washington in his battle with Luis Palomino. Showcasing the blazing speed he’s known for, Washington threw it into reverse and proceeded to avoid any contact, causing Palomino to chase him around the cage and throw his hands up in disgust as his foe.  Thankfully Washington chose to stand his ground for a moment, allowing Palomino to poleaxe him with an overhand right and save us from fifteen minutes of feints.

Luis Palomino wins via 1st Round KO (overhand right)

145 lbs.: Fallon Fox vs. Alanna Jones: A fight that I hate on principle but found myself incredibly interested in, transsexual fighter Fallon Fox faced a surprisingly gritty Alanna Jones. A brutally honest assessment of the action would be “painful”, as Fox appeared to have not trained whatsoever for her first female bout on a large stage, looking incredibly flat and with off-timing. Jones wasn’t going to question Fox and her lack of preparation however, working a sprawl and brawl game with some moderate success. However, Jones simply couldn’t harm Fox with her strikes, while Fox walked forward like terminator and clubbed Jones relentlessly. Fox eventually found a takedown in the 3rd round and was able to effortlessly move through positions, finishing with a knee ride on her opponent’s throat for the tap.

Fallon Fox wins via 3rd Round Submission (knee on throat)

265 lbs.: Mike Kyle vs. Travis Wiuff: A fight almost as controversial as their first bout, Kyle blasted Wiuff within seconds of the fight starting and put him on the mat in a heap. However, referee James Warring apparently didn’t think it was enough, forcing Kyle to deliver three unnecessary blows to his badly hurt opponent that laid him out for several minutes. While Kyle was happy for the win, he was furious with the referee and with good reason, as this appeared to be a career ender for Wiuff.

Mike Kyle wins via 1st Round KO (punch)

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