Makovsky Victorious at RFA 11

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RFA 11With Sergio Pettis vacating the RFA flyweight title to join the UFC, last night’s RFA 11 was headlined by a flyweight fight for that vacant belt. Former Bellator bantamweight champion Zach Makovsky took on Matt Manzanares with hopes of following in the footsteps of the former champion.

When the dust settled following RFA 11 here is who we thought stood out above the rest.

Scott Ingram: A great fight to start off the night, Ingram impressed in his pro debut with a razor-close decision win. There was a great deal of potential from Ingram tonight, mixed with a few amateur errors that are easily ironed out over time as he matures as a fighter and really finds himself in the cage.  Ingram really reminded me of an embryonic Matt Brown, being completely in your face and having that offensive minded style, attacking whenever there was even one limb free to do so. He really won this fight by stalling a late single leg and rifling several dozen elbows into Mainus’ head, showing true grit and determination late in the fight. While some of the more ridiculous spinning attacks could stand to be put on the shelf, you have to appreciate a young fighter’s energy and willingness to throw such techniques. Big things coming from Ingram in the future.

Andrew Sanchez: Another young fighter making his mark, Sanchez had a one-sided affair tonight, blasting Todd Meredith in the first round. What I really liked out of Sanchez was his control in top position and smart ground and pound, floating from back mount to mount as his opponent tried to escape and working great angles on his strikes. Sanchez did the majority of his damage with swift collapsing elbows; folding the wrist over when Meredith would grab the glove to land a punishing strike while his opponent’s hands were occupied. It’s a technique I’ve only ever seen Jon Jones use with any regularity, but one that’s criminally underrated in its ability to simultaneously tie up your defense and capitalize on said opening. I’d like to see Sanchez against stiffer competition for his next one, but the travelling fighter looked good tonight.

Zach Makovsky: Looking to bounce back into the spotlight as a newly minted Flyweight, Makovsky ran a grappling clinic on fellow title contender Matt Manzanares. Makovsky was a dynamo at Bantamweight, but found himself badly outsized in several fights, having to scramble to stay alive. Tonight, his scrambles were almost entirely offensive as he hit over a dozen single leg takedowns and worked tight positioning every round. There were a few near falls, but Makovsky just couldn’t find the finish on a completely defensive Manzanares in this five rounder. A solid showing from the former Bellator champ and one that may well have him called up to the UFC, just as Sergio Pettis was upon winning the same title.

If you missed any of the action from last night’s RFA 11, here are some highlights.

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