XFC Ended the Year at Last Night’s XFC 27

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XFC 27A night of fights that nearly put everyone to sleep in the early going, the best of XFC 27 was certainly saved for last as the final three bouts put life back into this card. The XFC had a great 2013 and thankfully it did not end on a sour note.

Check out the highlights from those quality encounters.

David Courchaine: Someone whom has the misfortune of shining the brightest when there are no cameras around, Courchaine finally got to show a larger audience what he had tonight. For a part time fighter, he performs phenomenally in the cage, looking pin-point accurate and having a great power punching form. Trevino’s game was to counter and work on the mat, but Courchaine made it a point never to miss with his rangy strikes, denying Trevino those openings to get his game going. As a massive Lightweight with real power, Courchaine makes a strong case for a title shot.

Dom O’Grady: A tough-as-nails competitor with a silky smooth ground game, O’Grady had some rough patches early in the fight, but looked excellent overall. Like a true battler, it’s the offense where O’Grady really shines, having real pop on his punches and knowing when the submission is there for the taking. While the Reynold’s guillotine was a near fall early, the O’Grady RNC was like a vice and came out of nowhere, showing future opponents what a lapse in concentration will get you.

Deivison Riberio: Fighting for his first major title, Riberio took on the multi-talented Farkhad Sharipov in a five round bout primarily contested on the feet. This one showed how far Riberio has come, landing sharp straight punches, using outstanding defense and utterly dominating Sharipov throughout the 25 minute bout. While Sharipov clearly belongs at 135lbs, he’s still a talented foe that you’d expect to get more going against Riberio, yet no such luck for the wrestler/boxer tonight. Riberio now stands as champion, with several fighters gunning for him in the Featherweight division.

If you missed XFC 27, check out the highlights below.

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