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Tito Ortiz Steps in to Replace Phil Davis, Face Rashad Evans


Despite the rumors and stories to the contrary yesterday, Lyoto Machida did not in fact take the fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 133.  Instead it will be Tito Ortiz who steps into the main event of UFC 133 to face Evans and try and get himself back in the title picture.

Is PRIDE Finally Dying?

For years, PRIDE Fighting Championships was the biggest MMA organization in Japan. Building its popularity off of tournaments, open-weight “freak show” fights, and some of the biggest names in MMA putting on exciting shows for their fans from all over the world. Just as with the UFC today, for years, if you didn’t fight in PRIDE, you didn’t get any recognition. 

Look Out We Just hit 1k

It’s not often that we publish the happening of the website, but some milestones are worth it. I’m very pleased to announce that this post is the 1,000th published on

MMA Valor Store is open

When I started MMA Valor I never expected having a store online within the first year. I had a lot of helpful suggestion from a lot of people that helped turn the site into what you now see. One of those suggestions was to start an online store which I quickly returned with “but I do not have any gear”. Well after being informed on a lot of things I just had no clue on, the idea of a store became more clear.

Check out these flash banners

So its Christmas eve / Christmas and the MMA world has been put on hold until Saturday. I have been messing around with some flash banners for the website and I’d like any and all of your feedback.

Merry Christmas from MMAValor

To you and all of your family I wish you a very Merry Christmas. If Santa doesn’t bring you that MMAValor sticker you always wanted you can pick one up right now for only $1.00 with free shipping.