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RITC Founder Rolland Sarria Discusses His BJJ Blackbelt

roland 200x300 RITC Founder Rolland Sarria Discusses His BJJ Blackbelt For quite some time many mixed martial arts schools around Arizona have openly bashed Rolland Sarria and flooded forums with slur about his self promotion to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. MMA Valor went down to the Rage in the Cage Training Center to find out firsthand the truth behind the advancement from Mr. Sarria himself. He seemed very frustrated during the interview trying to express how he felt on the matter, and it definitely cleared up everything I have read online or heard bickering around the MMA scene in Arizona.

Results for RITC 148: The Start of a Big Year

ritcsteel01 300x134 Results for RITC 148: The Start of a Big YearLast night marked the first fight card of 2011 for the Arizona based promotion Rage in the Cage. The 148 RITC event was filled with 11 fights full of MMA action in front of a packed house. The recent change to unified rules, and better fight booking has been catching on and if you have yet to see a Rage in the Cage event, be sure to make it to the next event on the 19th of February. Like last night this event will feature UFC veterans and a stacked card guaranteed to fulfill your MMA fix.

Rage in the Cage 148 Features Big Names

EfrainEscudero 200x300 Rage in the Cage 148 Features Big NamesThe Arizona based fight organization Rage in the Cage is breaking new boundaries into the New Year with their most stacked card to date. An extravagant fight card with everything you can ask for, big names from Pride and the UFC, women fighters / ring girls, and 20 fights that take place next weekend at Wild Horse Pass Casino here in Chandler.

RITC 140 – Don’t Blink

Picture 130 300x225 RITC 140 – Don’t BlinkThis was one of the most exciting and Stacked Rage in the Cage cards ever and honestly I left impressed, fatigued (from cheering), and satisfied like every MMA fan should be. Did you know that Rage in The Cage has put on more Events than any other Venue in the world, and put more fighters in the UFC than anybody else? Well I learned that too, when the curtains opened for a very exciting night. I thought 139 was good, but this card shocked me with the level of talent we are building here in Arizona. I saw 3 standing KO’s that were absolutely brutal, guys getting Randleplexed, and all around exciting fights for a little over 3 hours. In the crowd walked some MMA superstars like; Ben Henderson (WEC 155 champ), Joe “Diesel” Riggs ( UFC Fighter) and the Lally bros ( AZCS/ UFC trainer and corner man). There were submission fighters, Muay Thai warriors, and well rounded machines. There were a few breaks in the action to give away free gloves, gear, and tickets. Even the motivational Matt Betzold who is a one leg amputee MMA fighter impressed us all with his last fight before he takes a shot at the Bantamweight title here in AZ.  I can honestly say that some of these fighters are on a fast track to the big shows (UFC, Strike force, Bellator) and I very much look forward to all of their careers in MMA.

Rage in the Cage 139 – Arizona’s hidden Gem

Picture 013 300x225 Rage in the Cage 139 – Arizona’s hidden GemI have attended I few Rage in the Cage events, since about 2002 or so, and it always has been a good local venue to watch guys scrap it out. Last night Rage in the Cage rolled back their prices and delivered a miraculous card full of amateur and professional fighters who kept my eyes glued for over four hours of martial arts excellence. Twenty dollars for four hours of high grade fighting is hard to find especially in such a personal arena like the Celebrity Theater in Arizona. Originally booked for 23 fights, I believe some fighters pulled out with last second injuries or weight cutting issues and the count was closer to sixteen fights. I don’t know how many of our readers have seen local shows, but there always seems to be a large difference in talent between amateur and pro fights, and obvious mismatches. Last night I saw no true mismatches and the level of talent of the amateur fighters were down right unreal. Let me paint a picture; there were incredible suplexes, flying armbar attempts, nasty ground and pound and submissions, and Rampage type slams. There were striker vs. BJJ matches and heavyweight slugfests. I saw everything from great technical boxing, perfect muay Thai leg kicks, and even the occasional superman punch or spinning back fist. I felt like I was feet away from a UFC cage, just with some fighters I did not know of. I even came across one of the Lally brothers from Arizona Combat Sports (who corners in the UFC) and Benson Henderson (WEC lightweight champion). There was even a title fight on the card, between two very professional fighters, and upcoming event and prize giveaways. I have heard people around Arizona have mixed reviews about RITC events, but it seems like Roland Sarria has listened to the fans and greatly improved his promotion over the years. What he brought to the stage last night was an action packed thrill ride that delivered what we fans all love at its best, Great MMA fights.

RITC 139 & Roll-Back Ticket Pricing

7478 RITC 139 & Roll Back Ticket PricingThis Saturday in Arizona Rage in the cage will be putting on RITC 139 a massive event that will feature 23 bouts including one title fight. That’s like two complete events packed into one night and MMA Valor will be there to cover the event. Check back here after the event for news and results from the nights action.