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Fighters Only 2009 MMA awards

The second annual Fighters Only MMA awards were last night in Las Vegas. The live show aired on and will air on versus TV January 6th. They try to make the show close to any other awards so on these days with the funny host, performances and the skits that mock people. Well the show had all this, but none of it was good and that’s being very nice about it. I wasn’t around to see the first few Academy Awards or Grammy’s so maybe they were bad too when they just started. Enough with that bashing of the show, if you saw it you’ll understand what I mean. Lets get the main reason we forced ourselves to watch the whole show, the awards. (All awards were given based off fans votes)

Life after the Octagon

Written by: MMA Valor Staff

In an ever evolving sport we all have our favorites, some are legends with long drawn out careers in mixed martial arts, others are easy to forget and one knockout punch or decision can change the course of the rest of their lives. Today were going to shine some light on what happens when you just can’t hang with the best in the world anymore. So many young athletes dream about making it to the highest level of competition out there, very few make it, even fewer have longevity. How could one expect to last in a sport where the other competitors travel the world just to learn how to take your head off with punches, kicks, or submissions? Then one day your manager gets the call that you are not good enough anymore for the spotlight, and your whole world comes crashing down in an instant. All that time, money, blood, sweat, missed family time, and tears now leaves you with an empty void, and a small savings to show for what you once were.

GENESIS FC "Ecliptic" December 19th results

It was a night full of roaring crowds and fantastic knock outs!

The second fight of the night was short and sweet and a highlight on any fight card.
David Ayotte from Waterford vs. Kyle Cleary from Port Huron. These two green amateurs where both new comers to the world of mma. But put on one hell of a show for their first performance in the cage.

After the gloves touched these two Michigan bad boys threw down like someone just stole their mother’s cookie jar! Both David and Kyle threw fast hand combos right off the back with Ayotte catching Cleary right on the chin and then picking him up for a big slam, but Cleary was not there to lose! Cleary regained his composure and scrambled back to his feet and engaged once again toe to toe with Ayotte but this time Cleary touched Ayotte’s chin and sent him down to the canvas like he just got hit by a Mac truck.
Out cold and one of the best knock outs I’ve seen from a now 1-0 fighter in years.
Kyle Cleary definitely David Ayotte in just 18 seconds of pure madness , definitely a fight that could be labeled fast and the furious.

Injury plagued UFC 108 is finally here, my predictions & contest

The event the UFC has been counting the days till it arrives and not for good reasons, is finally here. Plagued with injuries from day one this fightcard now looks nothing like the original. It can not come fast enough for the fighter either as another one bit the dust today as Steve Cantwell withdrew from his scheduled undercard fight with Vladimir Matyushenko. Matyushenko is still scheduled to fight Saturday on the undercard but an opponent has yet to be named. With three full days still before the fights I suggest every fighter on the card lock themselves in a padded room till weigh-ins. Following the double events of December 19th where I went 8-8 between the two I finished the year 86-56-1 since UFC 100. I’ll not be predicting the New Years Dynamite so with UFC 108 I’ll be starting fresh at 0-0 on the year. Look for my picks on MMA Moneyline Pro Picks section where I’ll be picking against other MMA sites throughout the year.

Please leave your picks in the comments section for your chance to win (2) UFC autographed round 2 cards. The cards are Thiago Alves and CB Dalloway & you’ll need to pick the fights better then me and everyone else to win. Leave you picks in the comments and make sure you pick the round and method too so here are my picks:

Koscheck out of UFC 109 [Updated]

 Ariel Helwani of MMA Fightingis reporting that Josh Koscheck is out of his UFC 109 rematch against Paulo Thiago. Koscheck himself confirmed the news via his twitter account stating he’ll be “back to training in a couple weeks I hope!!” Coming off his submission victory of Anthony Johnson at UFC 106 Koscheck looked to avenge his lose to Thiago he suffered February at UFC 95.

UFC releases more fighters

Following their losses at UFC 107 the UFC has released Shane Nelson, Kevin Burns, and Edgar Garcia. This follows the released Darill Schoonover, Justin Wren, Marcus Jones, and Houston Alexander after the TUF 10 Finale.

None of this cuts are of any real surprise as Nelson, Burns and Garcia all struggled in the UFC going a collective (4-7). Two of those wins were controversial and in their rematches they lost so you could argue the three only went (2-7) inside the octagon. That kind of record is going to cut from the UFC pretty easily. These fighters had promise coming into the UFC but they were just not ready. Once they get some wins back under their belts in smaller promotions I can see them getting a call back to the big show.