Where does MMA compare to other sports?

This past week I have attained two MLB games (A’s) watched 2 preseason football games and saturday 2½ UFC PPV’s. I found myself thinking while baking in the sun at yesterday’s baseball game, baseball is so boring compared to MMA. That got my thinking  for pure entertainment value where does MMA rank with the major sports (MLB, NFL & NBA)?

I’m sure many will have different ideas here mainly due to ones individual taste mine is as follows:

  1. NFL    2. MMA    3. MLB    4. NBA

Now I know this is an MMA blog but let me explain. Everyone has a favorite no matter what sport it is. When your favorite team, player or fighter is in action you’re more entertained. The NFL has 17 weeks and my favorite team plays 16 games during that span. So for 16 of 17 weeks you know you’re favorite team/player is going to play.  MMA is a very close second but being a combat sport your favorite fighter usually only fights 2 or 3 times a year. Factor in you might have 2 or 3 favorite fighters and you’ll maybe get 50% of the fight cards  which included your favorite. The NBA and MLB are so far behind both the NFL and MMA to me so I leave it at that.

 What do you think & what is your rankings?

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