The Natural, Lights out and a Shotgun

Word around town (internet)  is that Randy “the natural” Couture (18-10) vs. James “lights out” Toney (0-0) is all but signed for UFC 118 in Boston. When most hear this their first thoughts are uaually, why Randy why? This seems a step back for a fighter of his caliber, especially one of his age trying to make one last title run. I understand why he wants to take the fight though, to defend the honor of Mixed Martial Arts, and prove that not just anyone can do it. From the first day of James Toney’s signing he has called out most of the top fighters, so Captain America has stepped up to save everyone from this evildoer.

Randy may want to step back and take a look around because there may be another opponent for him. Days after winning the light heavyweight belt Mauricio “Shogun “Rua (19-4) was interviewed by Sherdog and said that he would like to fight Randy Couture. With the fan base for each of these fighters it would not surprise anyone if Dana White and Joe Silva make this happen. We all know that when a fighter says he wants to fight someone Dana usually makes it happen at some point. Randy has defeated one top contender in Brandon “the truth” Vera (11-5) by unanimous decision and fellow hall of famer Mark “the hammer” Coleman (16-10) by submission in the second round since moving down to the light heavyweight division. At 46 years old Randy is the only fighter to win the light heavyweight and heavyweight belts on separate occasions. He is a world class wrestler with great control skills. Rua is a 28 year old Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai master with a ton of power.

What true fan would not want to see this fight happen?

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