Ramifications of Couture vs Toney

Randy Couture (18-10 MMA) faces James Toney (0-0 MMA 83-6 Boxing) at the Upcoming UFC 118 in Boston this coming August 28th. This fight will be important to both boxing and MMA showing two big names in both sports finally meeting in combat. The timing is perfect; Boxing is losing steam and needs to show the world why they are a notch above the rest. MMA is gaining popularity and is spreading to the likes of ESPN and other major sports networks but has nowhere near the PPV draw per major event as boxing.

A win for Randy would give him another notch of his impressive MMA Career, and another win when many fans doubt his performing ability due to age or amount of fights. Will he press Toney with kicks, and the clinch game? Will he take him down and try to submit him? If he finishes Toney in the first round will other boxers stray away from coming to MMA for fights? There are so many questions that this fight will answer for both sport because this fight can change a lot of things for both sports and we will shortly know the answer to who is superior.

A win for Toney means he kept this fight off of the ground long enough to work his very effective standup. He already owns 44 professional fight Knock outs, and he’s training hard to add one more. This will bring more professional big name boxers over to the MMA world and will help the PPV numbers as well, and may even get MMA’s best to step into a ring for some boxing matches. James already wants fights with other UFC fighters and has recently called out Brock Lesnar after watching his current performance over Shane Carwin. If he wins why not have him go against some more powerhouse wrestlers in the octagon?

This fight is Win Win for Mixed Martial Arts and the fans are really excited about all the relative unknowns about where this fight can go and how it will play out. Whoever wins it will be another top win on their long and impressive professional careers. We will also see how professional boxers adapt their game plans to the fight coming from all directions. On August 28th, don’t miss this fight!

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