TUF 12 Final Episode Recap: Who makes it on the Finale

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Tonight was the final episode of season 12 of the Ultimate Fighter and overall the season has been very entertaining.

The show opens with Georges St-Pierre telling his fighters to be selfish from this point on. While game planning for Jonathon Brookins with Dane Sayers, Kyle Watson talks about what he’s given up for a career in MMA.

Team Koscheck has mailed it in during the training sessions, even the coaches aren’t doing anything except playing on their phones. Team Koscheck complain about this back at the house and also how team GSP has brought in so many top-level fighters to help.

Marc Stevens has a bit too much to drink and channels his inner Josh Koscheck for some pretty spot on impressions of his coach. Of course it wouldn’t be reality TV unless Koscheck showed up during the fun and broke up the party. Koscheck knows that many of his fighters wish they were on team GSP but says that they are pointing the fingers at the wrong people, should be looking in the mirror.

Most of the house is referring to Nam Phan as being two-faced, guess he is talking behind everyone’s back.

The house seems to be pretty excited about the fight between Brookins and Watson.

Fight time now – Semi-Finals #1 Jonathon Brookins vs. Kyle Watson

Kyle Watson comes on strong to open the round out striking Brookins until the first of many takedowns by Brookins occurs. It was a first of many takedowns in the fight by Brookins and though Watson did a good job of getting back up, Brookins also did some damage. This would go on for three rounds as Watson just didn’t have an answer for the wrestling of Brookins. A fight that many thought was going to be the most competitive, ended up as a Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) victory for Jonathon Brookins.

Jonathon Brookins advances to the Finals

In the final prank of the season and another instance of when you should lock the door, team Koscheck barged in on Nam Phan while in the shower. Well let’s just say that he was doing some extracurricular activities while in the shower and he was caught.

Since team Koscheck has all but given up, Phan was left to start the training session alone until the rest of his team arrive. It’s unfortunate that his team and coaches are not behind him more heading into the biggest fight of his life.

Semi-Finals #2 Michael Johnson vs. Nam Phan

This action packed fight starts out right away with a takedown by Johnson, setting a torrid for this back and forth fight. Within the first two minutes of the opening round Johnson had scored three takedowns, but Phan wasn’t going away that easily. The first round came to an end with a nasty cut above the right eye of Phan, compliments of a knee from the clinch from Johnson. The tides turned some in round two, when Phan starts throwing some great body shots that clearly take the wind out of Johnson’s sails. Phan was also able to get his lone takedown of the fight and land some ground and pound in the second. After two rounds it looked as if each fighter had won a round and the chance to fight for the six figure contract would be determined in the third and final round. In the last round looked a lot like the first round as Johnson got the fight to the ground quickly. Apparently taking a breather, Johnson doesn’t do much in top control until reading to fight again and gets back up. Both fighters are clearly tired as the fight is nearing the end. Johnson scores yet another takedown and Phan does get back up but for the rest of the round he is controlled by Johnson.

Both fighters raise their hands and walk the cage as if they won fight. Judges score the fight a split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) in favor of team GSP fighter Michael Johnson.

The finals are now set as Michael Johnson will take on Jonathon Brookins, both from team GSP

Joining Johnson and Brookins at the finale will be five other fighters from the show.

Nam Phan of team Koscheck will drop down the featherweight and take on Leonard Gracia.

Kyle Watson from team GSP will take on Sako Chivitchian of team Koscheck.

Cody McKenzie from team GSP will take on Aaron Wilkinson of team Koscheck.

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