12 Responses to “Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Bracket Contest”

  1. Example says:

    Fedor, Karitonov, Overeem, Barnett

    7 total rounds

  2. Eddie Osabi says:

    Its saddens me that Strikeforce does not get the coverage that it should do . but that said the grand prix should be one to watch. I just hope that ring rust has not set in for Fedor.

  3. Michael says:

    Fedor, Kharitonov, Overeem, Barnett
    6 Rounds

  4. Adam Hasting says:

    Fedor, Arlovski, Overeem, Rogers

    8 total rounds

  5. the can says:

    Fedor, Karitonov, Overeem, Barnett 5 rounds

  6. Silva, Arlovski, Overeem, Rogers 10 Rounds

  7. Федор! Оренбург с тобой. says:

    Федор, Арловский, Оверим, Барнет. Всего 6 раундов.

    Translate = Fedor, Arlovski, Overeem, Barnett. Only 6 rounds.

  8. Jon says:

    Fedor, Arlovski, Overeem, Barnett. 7 rounds.

  9. bobby says:

    Fedor, Arlovski, Barnett and Overeem. Rounds 7

  10. TH_Iceman says:

    Fedor, Arlovski, Overeem, and Barnett. 7 rounds total.

  11. Mickel says:

    Fedor, Arlovski, Overeem, Barnett
    8 rounds total

  12. Mrbuttons says:

    Fedor, Reem, Barnett, Kharitonov 4 rounds