The 28th installment of the Maximum Fighting Championship took place last night inside the River Cree Resort & Casino, while outside it was a “stupidly crazy minus 13 degrees” in Enoch, Alberta. Seen live on HDNet with Michael Schiavello and Frank Trigg calling all the action.

Six fights including one title fight in the light heavyweight division were on tap….

Lightweights: Robert Washington vs. Tyrone Glover

The fight started out hard to follow as both fighters came out wearing nearly the same exact shorts. The game plan both fighters were looking to employ though was obviously clear; Washington wanted to keep the fight standing while Glover was looking to go to the canvas.

Round one saw Glover imposing his game plan by getting multiple takedowns, while looking to finish the fight by submission. Washington looked very tentative in the first, not wanting to be taken down and this would continue into the second round. For most of the round the two kept a huge amount of distance between each other until finally Washington catch the leg of Glover and got the takedown. Glover quickly tried to lock in a triangle choke but Washington was able to sneak his right hand in to prevent the choke. Finally in the last round Washington came out more aggressive, probably because he is losing the fight. That aggression didn’t last long and the two got back into what made the second round boring and the fans in attendance let them know they weren’t happy. Finally the fight comes to an end and it couldn’t have come fast enough, not the best way to start the night off…..

Tyrone Glover by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29 and 29-28)

Light Heavyweights: Rodney Wallace and Emanuel Newton

Wallace gets the early takedown in round one and gets the back of Newton, looking for a rear naked choke at first and then an armbar. Newton gets out and gives some ground and pound, but Wallace is continuing to look for submissions. Round one ends with Newton on top and a great start to the fight with already more action then we saw in the first bout. Round two has the fighters coming together for the clinch where they exchanged knees until Newton gets a throw for the takedown. From the clinch Newton gets another takedown into half guard, steps back up just to drive in with a right hand. Wallace looks to get up and Newton quickly spins to the back of Wallace, locking in a rear naked choke that ends the fight in impressive fashion.

Emanuel Newton by 2nd round Submission (RNC)

Welterweights: Thomas Denny and Sheldon Westcott

The two fighters touch gloves and the crowd favorite, Westcott comes out with a flurry and a quick takedown on Denny. Overpowering ground and pound out of Westcott has the MMA veteran Denny in full scramble mode. Denny gets a nice reversal to gain top position that didn’t last long and Westcott once again takes over with ground and pound and submission attempts. As round two open Westcott lands a counter right hand that sends Denny stumbling and to the canvas. Westcott goes back into domination mode and continues to punish Denny on the ground, finally looking for the choke that looked deep and was held for a long time, but Denny held on an escaped on top. Denny himself locks in a rear naked choke but the strength of Westcott powers him out with the round ending with Westcott once again on top. Denny comes out in the third knowing he needs to finish the fight. Denny gets the back of Westcott and locks in a body triangle that had Westcott in deep trouble. With the body lock on Denny is peppering the body and face of Westcott looking for any opening to finish the fight. After four minutes with the body lock on the round ends and this very exciting fight will go to the judges with either fighter having a chance.

Fight is declared a DRAW (28-28, 28-27 and 29-28)

Lightweights: Richie Whitson and Curtis Demarce

Demarce cuts pen Whitson over the left eye early in the first round as he is getting I, landing his shots and getting out. The two fighters appear to just want to brawl as they are throwing everything at each other looking for the big KO. Near the end of the round Demarce lands a hard right cross that stuns Whitson and nearly drops him. Round two opens and the face of Whitson is a bloody mess, running down the left eye. After a break following a nut shot from Whitson on Demarce the fight resumes with half the round remaining. Demarce appears to be aiming for that bloody eye which has altered the game plan for Demarce and probably allowing Whitson to get back into the fight. The round ends with a loud head kick by Whitson followed by him getting top control. Final round and with the way the judging has been tonight someone better finish here. Two minutes into the round Whitson gets a takedown and from the guard is trying to land his ground and pound. Whitson briefly tries to get the back on Demarce but takes the fight back down to the ground and the fight ends with Whitson dropping bombs from the top. Both fighters are bloody and this one will be interesting to see how the judges score it.

Richie Whitson by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29 and 29-28)

Catchweight: Drew Fickett and Matt Veach

Veach comes out fast and gets the takedown (bad move) into close guard. Fickett tries to get a omoplata but turns it into an armbar, sits down on it and forces Veach to tap just 36 seconds into the first round.

Drew Fickett by first round Submission (Armbar)

Light Heavyweights: Ryan Jimmo and Dwayne Lewis

It’s time for the night’s main event and these two fighters clearly to not like each other. After just two liver kicks from Jimmo, the right side of Lewis has turned purple as Jimmo game plan seems to be to use the heavy kicks. The round ends with not too much damage from either fighter but Jimmo looked to have the upper hand in round one. Jimmo starts out the round with more leg kicks but Lewis has started to time it and looks to land a counter right hand. Lewis is getting more comfortable and getting the timing down, allowing him to land cleaner shots on Jimmo. In the third round the fight finally goes to the ground with Jimmo getting mount on Lewis, who gives up his back. Jimmo gets slopping a Lewis gets out momentarily, as a massive golf ball has formed under the left eye of Lewis. Jimmo once again get his back but the ref sees that nasty thing under the eye of Lewis and stops the fight to have the doctor look at it. There is no way the fight will continue as that eye is closed and has a bullseye on it. Doctor looks at the eye and right away calls a stop to the fight, THANK GOD.

Ryan Jimmo by 3rd round TKO (doctor stopage)  

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