Catching Up with TUFF N UFF’s Female Figther Taylor Stratford

Catching Up With TUFF N UFF's Female Figther Taylor Stratford

A few months ago, we introduced you to rising female prospect, Taylor Stratford who is currently fighting as an amateur in TUFF-N-UFF. We Recently catch up with her again to get an update on her career and what is going on with her outside the cage. Stratford also gave us some inside information as to what is going on with her upcoming fight, plus talks about some inspiring messages from loyal fans. 

First off Taylor, I’d like to thank you, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. The last time we caught up with you, you had just come off an impressive victory in the quarter finals of a tournament to crown the first ever Tuff-N-Uff Women’s 145lb Champion. What have you been up to since then?

- Just training & Working! I like to keep myself busy.

After your loss to Ronda Rousey, you were supposed to have a fight back in Reno that never happened. Can you explain what went wrong with that?

- I guess people don’t want to fight as much as I’d like to. She backed out. I’m not sure of the reason.

You now have an opponent for this Friday. Is this fight still for a title?

- She also backed out. She says she has an injury. I believe we are scheduled to fight still, but on another night.

What do you think sets you apart from all the other females in your division?

- I’m willing to fight anyone and everyone, at almost any time. I believe every female out there has something special, though. Look at us: we’re animals! ;)

Let’s talk a little bit about your title fight with Tuff-N-Uff next month. What did you think of your opponent’s performance in her semifinal bout? Have you been able to study any film on her in preparation for your big match-up?

- Well, unfortunately, Tori is stepping out of it for personal reasons, and my prayers are with her. Instead, Ashlee Evans-Smith (Tori’s last opponent) and I will compete for the title. Then, the winner will go on to face Tori at a later date. Both Ashlee and Tori are very impressive, skilled fighters. I’ve seen them both of them fight and I know we’ll put on a great show.

The winner of this fight will not only become the Tuff-N-Uff Women’s 145lb Champion but will be the first ever to be crowned. Does that add any extra pressure?

- I feel pressured before every fight. I don’t want to let anyone down, ever. It’s as if I have everyone’s voice in the back of my head when I’m fighting, reminding me why I’m doing it.

With two big fights coming up in less than a month, have you had to make any sacrifices as far as not being able to go and hang out with your friends or anything of that nature?

- Not really. I balance my life out really well.

You are currently 6-1 as an amateur and in a few short weeks, you’ll have nine fights under your belt. How long before you think you are ready to go pro?

- I’m going pro this year. I don’t know when exactly, but I’ll be sure to let you know. ;)

Many professional fighters continue to train even when they don’t have a fight coming up, but some also cut back and take some time off, and then hit the gym hard before a fight. Which method do you use? Can you describe a typical training week for you in the gym?

- I train all the time, whether I have a fight or not. I love helping out others at the gym, and that’s what we do at the Reno Academy of Combat. On a good week, I’m in the gym Monday – Saturday for 2+ hours. I love it!

After your first loss, many people were sending you positive messages. Did you expect anything like that to happen? How does it feel knowing that you have fans and people who look up to you for what you do?

- I expected a lot of people to rub it in, and a few did. I love the support I received from everyone; it’s always so unexpected and makes me want to train that much harder. It feels amazing. Last week, a little girl named Ariana wrote me a letter saying how she wants to be like me when she grows up and how I’m a great fighter. That was the best thing I’ve ever received.

Recently we saw Anderson Silva knock Vitor Belfort out with a great teep kick to the face. Before that, we saw Anthony Pettis throw a roundhouse kick off the cage and drop Ben Henderson in the last-minute of their title fight. Have you practiced any crazy/flashy techniques that you would love to be able to pull off in a fight?

- Haha. I’ve tried the off-the-cage kick during training, but I’m probably the clumsiest person I know. If I tried the “Showtime” kick during a fight, I’d probably end up hurting myself before I hurt my opponent.

Before your first fight, how far did you expect to go in MMA? Where do you see yourself one year from now?

- I saw myself just going with the flow. I never really looked past my next fight. Seeing where I am now, how far I have to go and how much more I can achieve is inspiring. I’m so excited to see how much I can accomplish and how much Women’s MMA can accomplish as a whole.

Feel free to take a moment to thank all the people who have got you to this point in your career.

- I’d like to say thanks to my awesome sponsors:,, FIGHT CHIX and Amplified Ent. I have so much love for you guys. Thanks to my family at the Reno Academy of Combat for helping me become what I am so far, especially my trainer, Rick Collup! Thank you to my family, friends, and anyone who supports me! I have mad love for all of you! (:

Thank you for your time and good luck in your upcoming fights!

- Thank YOU!

You can catch Taylor’s championship bout against Ashlee Evans-Smith on March 12th at

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Catching Up With TUFF N UFF's Female Figther Taylor Stratford
Catching Up With TUFF N UFF's Female Figther Taylor Stratford

Catching Up With TUFF N UFF's Female Figther Taylor Stratford

Catching Up With TUFF N UFF's Female Figther Taylor Stratford

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