Chael Sonnen Squeaks by Bisping, Despite what he tells ya!

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If you turned on the TV to Fox say after 6pm PT last night you would’ve caught Chael Sonnen proclaiming the Octagon his own and renaming FOX in his likeness. What you wouldn’t know from his post fight proclamation of awesomeness was that he didn’t simply walk through his opponent; in fact he barely edged out a victory against “The Count” Michael Bisping.

Arguably the most disliked UFC fighter ever, Sonnen is a pure genius when it comes to hyping a fight and getting fans interested in a bout. Whether they watch to see him win or in hopes of seeing his opponent shut his mouth, fans watch. Before Sonnen even got into the Cage Saturday night fans and fighters were clamoring about what Sonnen would say in a post fight interview that is typically used to thank sponsors and recap the fight.

Sonnen didn’t disappoint them as he took over the interview that Joe Rogan was trying to conduct.

“Joe Rogan, tonight is not for questions for me, this is your night brother. I want to know how you feel being only inches away from greatness. I want you to tell everybody how it feels; are you not mesmerized, do you not have chills going up your spine for the fight time on FOX for you to be here in Chael’s octagon on Chael’s channel, holding Chael’s microphone interviewing Chael,” he asked Rogan.

“I’m pretty excited,” said Joe Rogan who could do nothing but play along.

Sonnen would grab the mic and close with this little nugget of info, “And why you’re thinking about that, remember this. When you’re the greatest fighter in the world today they got a name for you. They don’t call you a great fighter, they call you Chael Sonnen. Be me if you can!”

You would have thought the greatness that is Chael Sonnen walked in a destroyed his opponent, but let’s return to reality for a moment.

Bisping held he own in the first two rounds, making both rounds very close on every ones do it yourself at home scorecards. Sonnen was able to get a takedown in each of those rounds but was unable to keep Bisping down and when on their feet Bisping was pressing Sonnen against the cage. Neither made their mark in those rounds nor did they make it easy to score. The final round though was all Sonnen as he took Bisping down and had him in several bad spots, including taking his back and full mount.

Sonnen walked away with the unanimous decision win but despite what he claimed after the fight, he didn’t look the part of a great fighter. He did though earn his rematch with the middleweight champion Anderson Silva later this year and love him or hate him, strap in and get ready for show.

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