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Gamma Labs offering “Real Life” First Person Shooter Experience

| September 9, 2012 | Reply

wrapProduct MissionGunShip edit Gamma Labs offering Real Life First Person Shooter ExperienceOk trick question, do you like to blow shit up? Now I’m not talking about on watching it on TV or playing a video game on your computer, I’m talking about the real thing here. Firing a big ass gun at a live target and watching it explode right in front of your eyes.

Well if you said YES then Gamma Labs has the contest for you!

Starting right now anyone in the world, over the age of 16 years old can enter this awesome contest that will put you in a “real life” first person shooter. How real you ask?

Three (3) lucky winners will be flown to a remote location where they will get to fly in a real mission tested Huey Helicopter piloted by the special forces. While in the air you’ll also get to shoot the on-board mini gun that fire 4,000 rounds per minute from the helicopter at explosive targets, including cars and trucks. When you return to the ground to inspect the carnage you’ll then be put behind a 50 cal sniper rifle and fire at targets on a mile and a half range. I know what your thinking but there is even more; you’ll also be receiving Gamma Labs products and swag as well.

Now that’s a contest!

To enter this once in a lifetime contest all you need to but a box/tub of “G Fuel” by Gamma Labs. Each one you buy will get you (1) entry into the contest and there are no limits on how many times you can enter. For every new box/tub you buy you’ll get another entry, seems pretty simple, right?

The contest will run through October 9th, with the three winners to be announced shortly after that. This isn’t your everyday run of the mill contest; you’ll be doing things most civilians have and never will be able to do.

Gamma Labs has brought to the table one hell of a contest and now all you got to do is buy some G Fuel and enter.

wrapProduct MissionGunShip2 Gamma Labs offering Real Life First Person Shooter Experience

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