Will Strikeforce make it to 2011?

Following Saturday’s Strikeforce event Matt Hughes posted a blog writing he thinks Strikeforce will be out of business soon.  He sited Showtime consistently sticking their nose in Strikeforce’s business as it demise. Now I do not totally agree with the former welterweight champ but he does bring up an interesting topic. Will Strikeforce hold an event in 2011?

Scott Coker has promised big things in 2010 for Strikeforce plus the desire to bring in more fighters. With more fighters come higher overhead and with CBS, Showtime and M1 all having their hands in the Strikeforce Cookie jar it is a possibility. Coker has talked about wanting to hold 20 events in 2010, which a far more then they have ever done in a year. To accomplish this the roster will need to be bolstered to fill up fight cards and Coker and Strikeforce’s talent evaluator is going to have to be very smart with their choices.

Strikeforce has a niche in MMA that they fill nicely and that is solid main cards on free TV (Showtime not totally free). As long as they continue doing this in a smart way I do not see them going anyway.

What do you think; will Strikeforce hold an MMA event in 2011? 

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5 Responses to “Will Strikeforce make it to 2011?”

  1. nathan (crowenate) crowe says:

    I think if strikeforce uses there heads right, and the ufc keeps making ego decisions instead of smart ones I’m sure strikeforce will be around and by 2011 they could give ufc a run.

  2. killjoy_ says:

    Very solid points Nathan. I think they will be around too

  3. Rumor is Bellator will go belly up; don’t count out MFC in Canada; I agree with Nathan that the UFC is pigeon holing themselves allowing others like Strikeforce and MFC to scoop up the talent and give the UFC a run for their money.

  4. killjoy_ says:

    @Ultimate Takedown
    Bellator might go belly up huh, didn’t hear that. Have competition to the UFC is a good thing for many reasons.

  5. Matthew2010 says:

    as long as the sport is still here in 2011 I am fine, 2011 is very achievable for strikeforce but injuries and retirement of Fedor could plague them for 2012 very easily as well. They need better announcers, and some depth in more weight classes before I make a final judgement on their fate. But no in 2010 they will not make more than the ufc $$ wise, they will not hold more high scale fights, but as long as they keep putting on good shows I will be strea… I mean watching.

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