Titan Fighting Championship 17 Results and Recap

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Titan fighting Championship made their second appearance on HDNet with TFC 17 from the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas. A seven fight card anchored by MMA veteran Phil Baroni and Bobby Lashley looking to get their careers back on the right track.

The card delivered with fun entertaining fights along with HDNet delivering another great MMA event. Titan fighting Championship gave its fans a good night of fights and will be back with TFC 18 on May 6th. Here is how TFC 17 played out:

Anthony Gutierrez vs. Jon Hollis

The fight was spent most of the time on the ground with Jon Hollis on top. Gutierrez was very active from the bottom making it nearly impossible for Hollis to do anything but defend. When the fighter broke and returned standing, Hollis made the mistake of taking the fight to the ground and paid. Gutierrez slapped on a triangle choke that force him to tap.

Anthony Gutierrez by 1st round Submission (Triangle Choke)

James Krause vs. Nathan Schut

WOW! This fight only lasted 46 seconds as from an awkward position James Krause threw a right leg kick to the jaw of Nathan Schut knocking him down. Krause moved it to finish, landing a few hammerfists before the ref stepped in and stopped the fight.

James Krause by 1st round TKO

Alonzo Martinez vs. Aaron Derrow

Aaron Derrow came into this fight with a lot of hype behind him after submitting the UFC veteran Rich Clementi. Alonzo Martinez and his wild colored hair really controlled the first two rounds from top position but not inflicting major damage on Derrow. In the final round Derrow came out knowing he needed a finish and looked like he had done that when he rocked Martinez not once but twice. Martinez hung on a Derrow made a mistake by going for the back a bit to early allowing Martinez to end the fight on top, saving himself from a 10-8 round.

Alonzo Martinez by Majority Decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Eric Marriott vs. Willian De Souza

Eric Marriott just completely dominated this fight against Willian De Souza. Marriott wasn’t afraid of the stand up from De Souza and showed that for 15 minutes. Marriott couldn’t finish the fight but was close in the last round, but the fight went to the judges.

Eric Marriott by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Phil Baroni vs. Nick Nolte

The New York Badass needed a win tonight and promised a different Phil Baroni. In the opening round the old brawler Baroni appeared but after both fighters got stunned, Baroni took the fight to the ground. The takedown was something different from Baroni and it would ultimately decide the fight. The cardio or lack thereof came up in the last round but Baroni would later say it was the knees to the chest that stole his gas tank. The fight would go to the scorecards and even though he ran out of gas, Baroni survived and got the nod from the judges. He knew he didn’t look his best but gave Nolte a lot of credit for his poor performance.

Phil Baroni by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Abe Wagner vs. Aaron Rosa

Abe Wagner came in with momentum from beating the former UFC heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia at TFC 16. Aaron Rosa was standing across from him ready to stop that momentum and he did just that. Wagner had his chin pointing straight up asking to be hit and after a first round won by Rosa, he found the target Wagner was giving him and dropped him. Wagner went into scramble mode and Rosa grabbed his head for a neck crank that turned into a deep rear naked choke that ended the fight.

Aaron Rosa by 2nd round Submission (rear naked choke)

Bobby Lashley vs. John Ott

Bobby Lashley came out in the first round with a big slam to John Ott that nearly put him through the canvas. In full guard Lashley was dropping everything but the kitchen sink on Ott including, hammerfist and massive elbows that made Ott’s face bloody. Unfortunately of the fans and Lashley his cardio failed him again and he started to gas as the opening round ended. Round two started and everyone could see Lashley was gassing but Ott couldn’t take advantage and got taken down 90 seconds in the round and the fight stayed there. Final round and Ott comes out guns blazing on the now completely out of gas Lashley who was stumbling around the cage, hands down, just ready to be finished. Ott had his chance but even though he tried, it wasn’t good enough and Lashley got the late takedown and finished the fight on top of Ott. Not a very good performance after the first 4 minutes of the fight for Lashley!

Bobby Lashley by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 30-27, 29-27)


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