A fully loaded episode last night saw the last four fighters stepping into the octagon. Along with the two fights the wildcard fight was announced that will complete the preliminary round.

Let’s start off with Lew Polley though, as the Team Dos Santos wrestling coach was told to go home by Junior Dos Santos. Consistently feeling disrespected by Polley it was enough is enough for Dos Santos. Having a coach leave in the middle of taping is odd and a few of the fighters talked about it during the episode but what did they really think?

“Everyone was ok with the decision but a few of them were sad. Couple fighters were worried that they wouldn’t be able to understand anyone now during the fight. It was the right decision though,” Explains Torres.

The majority of the episode was the two fights, even though they both ended in the first round.

The first fight was Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Edwards: “It was a good fight, a back and forth war between the two. Tony threw a nice up kick that we all missed cage side and it came out of nowhere to end the fight,” Torres Recalled

The second fight was Chuck O’Neil vs. Zack Davis: “This fight was a Jui Jitsu and I think Zack surprised Chuck in the fight. Zack got a really good triangle that tapped him out and I don’t think Chuck expected that,” said Torres.

Finally we get to the wildcard fight announcement and Len Bentley was assuming that he was a lock for one of the two spots. Surprisingly that would not be the case as after Dana White sat down with the coaches and talked to every fighter that lost, they picks Chuck O’Neil and Javier Torres.

“I was happy, glad that they picked me. A little surprised that they did actually pick me and that I’d be facing Chuck. I kind of know it was going to me, I felt like my fight was one of the best and I deserved it. But also looking at the other fighters on my team and the current condition they were in, it made sense. But sometimes they pick two from the same team so that was in my mind too. I thought they would pick Len Bentley from Team Lesnar though,” explained Torres.

With Torres back in the game he will now face Chuck O’Neil with another chance at advancing to the quarterfinal round. Next week Javier will discuss his fight with O’Neil and the backlash from him and Chuck O’Neil being picked over the other fights, especially Len Bentley.

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