Legacy Fighting Championship 15Live from Houston, Texas, Legacy Fighting Championship 15 brought us a night of fast finishes and exciting matches. With stars being made within the promotion, check out what you might have missed with the recap of tonight’s action.

Marcus Dupar vs. Matt “Danger” Schnell:

A slow start led into a fast finish here.  With both men going through a feeling out process, Schnell broke the tension with a left straight that blasted Dupar to the mat.  A quick guillotine and a transition to armbar forced the tap out of Dupar and put Schnell on track to big things inside the LFC cage.

Matt Schnell wins via 1st round Submission (armbar)

Charlie Ontiveros vs. Patrick Hutton:

A highly-regarded TKD fighter, Charlie Ontiveros had a harder than expected time against short-notice opponent Patrick Hutton.  Using his flashy style of kicks and feints, Ontiveros landed a myriad of body kicks and front hand karate punches, but found himself struck soundly by Hutton with a simple right hook.  While Hutton only landed two shots, the first wobbled and the second dropped Ontiveros in the first round.  Hutton moved in for the kill against his opponent, but Ontiveros wasn’t as hurt as we may have thought as he threw rapid up kicks and snatched an armbar in the blink of an eye.  With a quick tap from Hutton, Ontiveros continued his undefeated run and showed he’s more than just a few nice kicks.

Charlie Ontiveros wins via 1st round Submission (armbar)

Thomas De Almeida vs. Cody Williams:

Chute Boxe prospect Thomas De Almeida showed a high level of skill and composure against young journeyman Cody Williams. Precision muay thai was on display as Almeida worked smooth punches and traditional elbow strikes on his opponent, who took to using a wild boxing game in an attempt to throw off the Brazilian.  The heavy punches from Williams never found their mark though and soon Almeida lined up a kill shot, drilling Williams with an elbow on a counter and putting him to sleep.  This put the division on notice, as Almeida has all the tools to snatch a title.

Thomas De Almeida wins via 1st round KO (elbow)

 Jon Kirk vs. William “Bubba” Bush:

With the original title bout scrapped, Bubba Bush took on short notice fighter Jon Kirk in another quick match-up.  The game Kirk came forward early and threw nothing but power punches, but Bush was having none of it as he muscled him to the mat.  Shifting through positions on the mat, Bush locked Kirk down in a crucifix and started raining down short punches and elbows.  While not KO worthy, the blows were frequent enough to force the referee to stop the bout for Kirk’s safety, and giving Bush another win in the cage.

William Bush wins via 1st round TKO (ref stoppage)

Saul Elizondo vs. Angel Huerta:

Local hero Angel Huerta brought his karate styling’s to the cage against BJJ specialist Saul Elizondo and didn’t disappoint.  Using a variety of kicks and hard single punches, Huerta was able to keep Elizondo from setting up a takedown and soon found the home for a stiff left hand. In a bizarre turn of events, Elizondo went down from the blow and the referee found himself in an armbar as he dove into the middle of the bout, calling a somewhat premature stoppage and almost paying for it.  With the dazed Elizondo giving up his submission attempt on the ref, an emotional Huerta made his way into the crowd to celebrate with his family.

Angel Huerta wins via 1st round TKO (left hook)

Ray Blodget vs. Nick Gonzalez:

Replacement fighter Nick Gonzalez came in looking to upset former Lightweight champion Ray Blodget in our co-main event of the evening.  Blodget, a grappler by trade, came in and showed off some improved striking in this fight, although Gonzalez proved to be more than happy to play the same game.  Both landed combinations and single shots in the first round with Blodget working the legs of Gonzalez while Gonzalez worked this opponent’s body, hoping it would pay off later in the fight.

The second ground saw Blodget regretting his decision to stand with Gonzalez as the boxer started finding the mark and busted Blodget up early.  Blodget began working for takedowns, but his gas tank and legs were no longer there for him to make this his fight anymore as Gonzalez started taking over the match.  With Gonzalez landing hard shots to the head and liver, Gonzalez took the second round with ease and potentially tying up the fight.

Knowing the cards were all tied up, both men came out hard in the third, with Blodget finding a second win and rushing forward with strikes and clinch attempts.  Gonzalez answered with counter punches and kicks; shrugging off Blodget’s takedown attempts and finding the mark with a short right hand that put Blodget on the canvas.  With the fight hanging in the balance, Blodget finally found his way to the mat with a guard pull and fast sweep, but it was too little too late on my score card, giving Gonzalez the round and the win.

Nick Gonzalez wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Legacy Fighting Championship 15 Main Event – Robert Drysdale vs. Chris Reed:

One of the heaviest favorites in MMA history, Drysdale took on the 44-year-old Reed and dominated from start to finish. Hitting a quick takedown off the fence, Reed could do nothing to stop Drysdale from moving into mount and hitting a clean armbar a minute into the fight.

Robert Drysdale wins via 1st round Submission (armbar)

With yet another win and tonight’s Legacy Fighting Championship 15 its time that Robert Drysdale takes a step up in competition, if Legacy cannot do that for him then he needs to look elsewhere.

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