Daniel Cormier MMAWith Strikeforce coming to an end this weekend, heavyweight sensation and Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier will be adding absolutely nothing to his career by facing Dion Staring during its farewell event’ co-main event.

Daniel Cormier (10-0) has made quite a name for himself in Strikeforce and with the debris he’s left behind him, it’s easy to see why. Cormier has phenomenal knockout power and impressive hand speed for a man his size, not to mention he’s also a two time Olympian wrestler. His knockout of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and one-sided unanimous decision of Josh Barnett no doubt clenched his ticket to the UFC. However Cormier has one more fight left before he joins the UFC, a fight in which he has nothing to gain but everything to lose.

For starters Cormier is an overwhelming favorite to beat out Dion Staring(28-7). No one is expecting a close fight, and just about everyone expects a first round knockout. Cormier will gain no more fans from this fight, no more prestige and he won’t rise any higher in the heavyweight rankings. Initially he was scheduled to face Frank Mir months ago but the final months of the promotion saw Mir injured, events canceled and few options at heavyweight. Cormier fights big names like Antonio Silva and Josh Barnett back to back and for their big farewell a relatively unknown fighter Stands across from the Grand Prix winner. hey if you can’t find a good fight, find a fighter to make “your” guy look good.

And the horror of horrors: What if by some freak accident Cormier actually loses against Staring? Cormier would not only suffer his first defeat, he’d lose his air of invincibility and the UFC would lose all the hype surrounding Cormier meaning a loss of money and viewers. The only person with anything to gain would be Staring, who would at least be able to take this win with him into obscurity and at best earn a fight in the UFC.

With all that said though it should be fun to watch Cormier add another scene to his highlight reel. It might be even more fun to watch the improbable and Staring pulls off the huge upset. Let’s just hope that Saturday’s Strikeforce goes off without a hitch and the next few months pass by quickly so we can watch Daniel Cormier in a fight worth paying for.

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