Art and Combat Sports Combine for Charity

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Fight the City - Combat Sports and ArtCombat sports like MMA and boxing have always had a stigma of being a barbaric sport associated with it. The uneducated and opponents only see the violence and jump to conclusions, while the fans know there is more to combat sports then just punching each other in the face. Take “Fight the City” as an example who are using combat sports, along with the art community as a platform to do something positive.

From Fight the City Press Release:

“Fight The City is proud to announce its first annual custom boxing glove showcase, taking place in LA May 4th and NYC May 9th. We have partnered with talented individuals from around the world to create unique one of a kind custom boxing gloves. Fight The City makes artist driven gloves and gear to give fighters a choice of how to express themselves when they step into the ring. Taking our already crafted passion, and partnering with artists that inspire us only made sense.

We will be showcasing a total of 40 + artist at ONE DAY only events, May 4th at Toy Art Gallery in LA, and May 9th at the Time Hotel in NYC. If you are in the area we would love to have you stop by! If not, don’t worry, you can still manage to see and possibly own a pair of the gloves. All of the gloves from the NYC showcase will be auctioned off on our eBay page, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Hoods To Woods foundation. The Foundation helps inner city kids get out to the wilderness to learn, grow, and become all they can be through snowboarding and outdoor activities.

This first of its kind event will be leading the way to our first ever limited edition boxing gloves. The gloves are from the twisted imagination of the one and only Scarecrowoven. His artwork adorns the Ritual 3D deck series by Creature Skateboarding, and will soon be the very first artist to release a limited edition boxing glove.”

Fight the City is taking the boxing glove, which is the tool for violence in combat sports and turning it into art to help inner city kids. There is no denying the combat sports is violent but do not mistake that for barbaric. It has a softer side to it and Fight the City is yet another example of it.

If you’re near either one of the Fight the City events be sure to check them out and let us know what you thought.

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