CFFC 28 Results: A New Lightweight Champion is Crowned

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CFFC 28Lots of MMA action took place on free TV this weekend but one that did not have that luxury was the CFFC 28 event from the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The event was headlined by former UFC welterweight Charlie Brenneman looking to continue to reinvent himself at lightweight and more importantly, capture the CFFC lightweight title.

MMA Valor was in the house and below is the round by round results from CFFC 28:

Chris Piriz v. Daniel Carbonel

Round 1: After an early low-kick connected Piriz spent most of the first round defending a takedown attempt by Carbonel, who shot in right after the initial leg kick. Carbonel spent a lot of energy in an unsuccessful attempt.  Piriz was able to gain double under hooks and escape while connecting with a solid knee and several substantial head strikes.  Carbonel was able to secure a takedown at about the 30 second mark and controlled the round enough to take it 10-9 on our unofficial scorecard

Round 2: Piriz began round 2 mixing his strikes well and turned the tide of pressure on Carbonel.  Piriz got a takedown but was unable to keep Carbonel down.  Carbonel was able to get back to his feet after eating a couple of punches.  Carbonel quickly regained control of Piriz against the cage.  Control was exchanged between the two combatants until they were separated by referee Gasper Oliver.  Carbonel, who had a difficult time making weight began to look winded toward the end of the round and allowed Piriz to control the rest of the round against the cage.  Piriz won the round 10-9 on the MMA Valor unofficial scorecard.

Round 3: Carbonel opened the third stanza by showcasing his kicking game.  None landed with any significant damage, however, Carbonel was able to secure a takedown.  Piriz effectively scrambled to gain back control and lay down numerous head strikes, which weren’t being defended.  Gasper Oliver had seen enough and called a halt to the bout at the 1:13 mark of the round.

Allison Haynes v. Rebecca Heintzman

Round 1: Both fighters exchanged blows at the start of the round with Haynes missing a powerful front kick.  As Haynes moved forward Heintzman was able to clinch up and get her opponent to the ground.  Haynes was able to get back to her feet and looked to continue to engage on the feet, pushing forward with a flurry of punches and knee strikes.  Once again, Haynes rushed forward and was taken down again.  Heintzman quickly gained full mount and then was able to take Haynes’ back as she rolled away from the punishment.  Haynes showed grit and determination, defending numerous choke attempts and strikes, giving back a few of her own but lost the first round 10-9 after a very impressive ground performance by Heintzman.

Round 2: The second round witnessed Heintzman showing her standup skills as she worked her jab and just missed with a huge overhand right.  This was able to allow Heintzman to set up a takedown and go right into full mount.  Heintzman took Hayne’s back at the 1:30 mark with both hooks in and secure the rear naked choke at the 1:44 mark, which forced Haynes to tap.

Dave Marfone v. Cheljean Erwin Davis

Round 1: Marfone came out with three straight kicks to his opponent and showed good movement early in the round.  On a counter, Erwin-Davis hit Marfone with a right hook that staggered Marfone momentarily.  Marfone was able to recover and attempt a takedown.  In the clinch, Marfone was struck with a low blow and the action was halted.  After the break, Erwin-Davis showed that he was the quicker fighter as he seemed to beat Marfone to the punch each and every time and was able to shrug off every takedown attempt of Marfone.  Marfone began bleeding out of his nose toward the end of the round but continued to swing for the fences.  Erwin-Davis had the more effective strikes, however, Marfone pressured more of the round and won 10-9 on our unofficial scorecard.

Round 2: After an extended break between rounds due to what appeared to be ice spillage Erwin-Davis was struck with a low blow that brought the oohs and aahs from the crowd.  Erwin-Davis recovered and continued to stalk his opponent out of the break, cutting off the ring and continuing to move forward.  When the two fighters clinched, Erwin-Davis was able to open up a huge cut above Marfone’s left eyebrow with a knee and laid down a barrage of punches on Marfone.  Referee Keith Peterson halted the action to have a doctor look at the cut.  The doctor deemed the cut too serious for Marfone to continue and ended the bout at 2:08 of Round 2.

Johnson Jajoute v. Jared Gordon

Round 1: Starting off with a huge crowd ovation. Both fighters came out showing mutual respect as they measured each other and gauged distance.  Gordon got an early takedown but Jajoute was able to get right back up.  Gordon clung to his opponent and was about to get a second takedown but Jajoute blatantly grabbed the cage to prevent it.  Referee Gasper Oliver saw the hold and knocked his hand from the cage, immediately.  Both fighters made it back to the center of the cage and proceeded to re-enact the Apollo Creed-Rocky Balboa exchange sequence when both fighters swung and connected at the same moment, creating a great photo opportunity but with neither doing too much damage.  The round was extremely close but due to the takedown, Gordon wins the round 10-9 on our unofficial scorecard.

Round 2: Jajoute started the round by hitting Gordon with an effective kick-punch combo and seemed to cause Gordon to stop and reset momentarily. Not wanting to tempt fate, Gordon took Jajoute to the ground two times in the round and controlled much of the fight on the cage.  Jajoute began to slow down mid-way through the round which allowed Gordon to clinch and control the rest of the round and score the 10-9 decision on our unofficial scorecard.

Round 3: The final round looked like it would be a repeat of the earlier rounds with Gordon taking control and pushing Jajoute up against the cage.  However, Jajoute was able to mount some offense of his own and score a takedown on Gordon.  Gordon was only down for a short period of time and returned the favor with a takedown of his own, as Jajoute was unable to keep him down.  The fight got back to it’s feet and Gordon jumped the back of Jajoute but was unsuccessful in securing a choke.  Gordon clinched again but was not advancing his position and was separated by the ref.  Both fighters finished the round extremely tired as Jajoutes’ punches were slow and labored and Gordon’s control was not as strong. As Gordon began continuously looking up at the clock with just about a minute left.  Takedowns were even but Gordon, as in prior rounds, exhibited more control of his opponent and took Round 3 10-9 on our scorecard.  The judges saw it for Gordon, via UD 29—28, 29-28, 30-27

Walter Howard v. Jamelle Jones

Round 1: Jamelle Jones treated his opponent and the CFFC fans to the most overwhelming two minutes of action imaginable.  The former running back charged his opponent as if he were running to the goal line.  Jones ran through his opponent and almost through the cage, itself, as he took Howard down.  When Howard got back up Jones suplexed him to the canvas, took his back and proceeded to lay down vicious and overwhelming strikes from his opponents’ back.  At the three minute mark, the pace slowed substantially as Jones had completely gassed himself out.  Howard eventually got to his feet and landed one counter right before getting taken back down.  However, Jones fell into a triangle choke and that is where the round ended with Howard unable to submit his opponent.  Jones wins the round 10-9 on our unofficial scorecard.

Round 2: The second round started out in a night and day difference, compared to the 1st.  Jones was clearly tired with his mouth wide open began to get outstruck, as the boxing of Howard connected on numerous occasions.  Jones tried to take Howard down but his push didn’t have the same force as in the 1st   round and Howard was able to sprawl and get back to his feet and then get Jones to the ground, where he gained back control and peppered Jones with numerous strikes.  Howard didn’t seem to have much proficiency on the ground as he never attempted to get a hook in or go for any submissions but was content with striking his downed opponent.  It was all Walter Howard in Round 2 as he took the round 10-9 on the MMA Valor unofficial scorecard.

Round 3: Jones came out in Round 3 playing a nice game of possum as he pretended to be unable to move forward and unleashed a huge overhand right that shivered Howard to his core, as he came in to engage and take advantage of what he thought was an almost lifeless opponent.  Jones looked to be well on his way to repeating his 1st round performance but knocked Howard’s mouthpiece out, which stopped the action and stopped Jones’ momentum.  More time was given a bit later, as Jones was the recipient of a knee to the groin which again stopped the momentum of the fight but also allowed both fatigued fighter’s time to recover. After the break, Howard backed Jones against the fence and hit him with about 25 glancing blows to the ribs.  None of the punches had any power behind them but were effective point scorers.  Jones made one last takedown attempt with 1:08 left in the round but was stuffed by Howard, who peppered him with short shots to the head and body, none of which appeared to do anything other than score points.  Howard wins round 3 on our unofficial scorecard 10-9 and the fight 29-28.  The judges saw it 29-28, 28-29, 29-27 for Howard, via Split Decision.

Johnny Curtis v. Chris Birchler

Round 1: The Heavyweight Champ Birchler came out trying to strike with the wrestler Curtis to avoid the superior ground game of the Olympic-level wrestler.  Birchler lost that exchange as Curtis dropped the Champ with a straight right and pounced on top of him.  Curtis jumped on top and ended the fight at the :41 second mark of the round, as Curtis won by TKO and became the new CFFC Heavyweight Champ.

Julian Lane v. Paul Felder

Round 1: Felder and Lane wasted no time in giving the fans a stand-up war, as each fighter took turns throwing leather.  Lane looked to land the more effective punches as Felder’s face was bloodied just two minutes into the fight.  The advantage that Felder had in the round was the effectiveness of his kicks as Lane’s right thigh grew red from the leg kicks and Felder also landed a nice back kick.  The fight stayed on its feet for the entirety of the round.  MMA Valor scores the round a 10-10 draw, as both fighters were equally effective in their strikes and nobody showed a clear advantage in the round.

Round 2: The round started just as round 1 ended, with both fighters exchanging strikes.  Felder attempted a leg kick, which was caught by Lane, who then threw him to the ground and gained top control.  Felder was able to get back to his feet and immediately get Lane’s back against the cage.  Felder was able to secure a takedown and take Lane’s back, hitting Lane with two vicious elbows to the head.  Felder locked on a triangle choke from top position and hit Lane with numerous shots to the head to the extent that the referee almost stopped the fight.  Lane didn’t panic though and got out of the hold and back to his feet.  Felder was the round 2 winner, 10-9 on our unofficial scorecard.

Round 3: Felder opened round 3 causing further damage to Lane’s already red and swollen left thigh with more kicks.  Lane tapped his thigh after a hard shot in an attempt to let Felder know that his leg is strong and not hurt.  Usually when that happens though it means it hurt.  Lane didn’t look especially fatigued but he became less apt to engage and looked to counter for the most part of the round, perhaps due to the damage suffered on his lead leg.  Felder, in turn, brought the fight to Lane and pushed the pace.  Lane was able to secure a takedown at around the 1:30 mark.  Felder was able to deliver sharp elbows from the bottom however.  MMA Valor scored the round 10-9 for Felder as he controlled the majority of the round, landed the more significant strikes, which outweighed the Lane takedown at the end of the round.  MMA Valor saw Felder winning the Unanimous Decision, 30-28.  The judges saw it for Felder, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 via Unanimous Decision.

Aung La N Sang v. Jonavin Webb

Round 1: Opening round was a tale of two very distinct styles.  Webb came out with a lot of movement and Sang appeared to just be waiting and ready to counter with a big shot that would end the night for Webb.  Webb however was the one that shot and got a takedown 30 seconds into the fight.  The fight made its way back to its feet but Webb got the fight and his opponent back down to the canvas.  As Sang was getting back to his feet, Webb hit him with a knee twice to the head.  It appeared in real-time that Sang was grounded when the knee struck and referee Keith Peterson jumped in to, what I thought would be a break in action to warn Webb of the illegal knee.  Within a second or two of Peterson jumping in, without him even calling off the fight, the bell rang.  As everyone looked around in confusion the fight was indeed halted as Keith Peterson called off the fight giving Webb a TKO victory at 2:41 of Round 1.  Upon reviewing the video replay of the knees on the big screen at the Borgata, the first knee was in fact legal but the second one appeared to be of the illegal variety.  This fight ended in controversy, as even the referee looked confused as he exited the cage.  This one could be contested and maybe even overturned.

Jarred Mercado v. Jordan Stiner

Round 1: How does the phrase go?  Somebody’s 0 has got to go?  In a battle of two undefeated fighters, a perfect record, pride and even a potential title shot was on the line in this one.  The Renzo Gracie product Stiner did what Renzo taught him and clinched and controlled Mercado from the back, using his superior strength and control.  When Mercado was able to break Felder’s grip Stiner wobbled him with a straight right and took the fight immediately back to the ground, gaining Mercado’s back and securing a body triangle.  Mercado was in pure survival mode as Stiner rained down shots and went for rear naked-chokes.  Round 1 was completely dominated by Stiner and took the round 10-9 on the MMA Valor scorecard.

Round 2: Mercado came out and appeared as if he wanted to set the pace of round 2 but quickly went into faint mode and counter mode.  He unleashed a kick on Stiner which was caught and Mercado was put on his back.  The two fighters scrambled off the cage and Mercado was able to gain top control and get Stiners’ back.  More great rolling took place among these high level grapplers and Stiner regained control with the body triangle and with 2 minutes left in the round made it look bleak for Mercado.  Another round of great submission defense by Mercado, but the round went to Stiner, 10-9.

Round 3: Last round was a much better round for Mercado.  Down 2 rounds to none on our unofficial scorecard, he secured two takedowns of Stiner and gain top control after each.  Stiner did a great job of moving and staying busy which never allowed Marcado to effectively work toward submissions or meaningful strikes.  Mercado went for a front choke, as the fight began to head back to its’ feet but wasn’t able to get a full grip.  That missed opportunity allowed Stiner enough space to get up and regain control of Mercado with a takedown.  Mercado reversed the position and took over top control.  Mercado held control for more of the round than Stiner and with the two takedowns, Round 3 went to Mercado 10-9, but MMA Valor had Stiner winning the fight 29-28.  The judges scored the bout 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 for Stiner, who moves his perfect record to 7-0 and sets up a potential title fight, if not next, maybe in two fights.

Charlie Brenneman

Charlie Brenneman

Kyle Baker v. Charlie Brenneman

Round 1: During the introduction, Brenneman was announced as the CFFC Lightweight Champ.  This title is vacant, but appeared to be a valid foreshadow, as it only took the former UFC fighter just 45 seconds to get Baker to the ground with a takedown.  Often called a “lay and prayer”, Brenneman stayed busy on top with his striking.  After being on his back for quite an extensive period of time, Baker toughed his way back to his feet only to be taken right back down by a relentless Brenneman.  Baker worked back to standing but Brenneman maintained a vice-like grip on Baker and took him down for a third time.  Brenneman got both hooks in and proceeded to batter Baker for the final 20 seconds of the round, taking it 10-9 on our unofficial scorecard.

Round 2: Brennemans’ striking was on point to start the round as he hit Baker with a right left combo that allowed him to get in and get another takedown on Baker.  Baker was able to maintain a full guard and do a better job of controlling Brenneman’s posture than he did in the 1st, but Brenneman maintained control and hit baker with a shot to the head that echoed through the arena.  Baker again gritted his way back to his feet but was quickly taken right back down.  Brenneman moved toward and secured a head and arm choke, which caused Baker to tap at the 4:07 mark, making Charlie Brenneman the new CFFC Lightweight Champ.

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