Three reasons why the UFC will do fine without Brock Lesnar in 2012

Just over a week ago Brock Lesnar retired from MMA after being systematically taken apart by Alistair Overeem inside the first round. At this point Alistair’s win was overshadowed by Lesnar’s retirement from the sport, and the drama of the UFC losing one of its biggest PPV earners. There has been much fuss about the loss of the former champion but we offer up three reasons to … [Read more...]

Five Things all MMA Fans Should be Thankful for


The year is coming to a close and the holidays are set upon us. Before the fat man can break into your house and leave gifts in front of the sofa, it is time to give thanks. Reflect back and think of things you are thankful for throughout the year; a new car? new girlfriend? discovered MMA Valor? Whatever you are thankful for, be sure to recognize how awesome MMA is and what a … [Read more...]

Mixed Martial Thoughts: UFC on FOX

UFCONFOX main event

On November 12, 1993 the UFC held its inaugural event in Denver and the martial arts world was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a non assuming man by the name Royce Gracie.  I remember watching it on pay per view and being fascinated by the fact it had no rules (there were), the teeth knocking blows, and just the sheer violence being displayed.  Then I saw Royce Gracie … [Read more...]